How To Make Money By Opening Guest Posting To Your Website

Make Money By Opening Guest Posting To Your Website
(Last Updated On: October 3, 2018)

How to Make Money by Opening Guest Posting to Your Website

Having people guest post on your website can be an efficient way to get content and links at your disposal. However, if you want to take this to the next level, you might be surprised there’s more you could do with guest posts than just extra content. In fact, you can actually make money by allowing guest posting on your website.


It’s undeniable how guest posting can be attractive to a lot of people. WordPress alone has over 409 million users viewing 22.2 billion pages every month, with users themselves generating 91.8 million new posts in the same duration. Imagine tapping into that reader base with a popular blog. Both guest posters and blogs with guest posts can benefit from that number of readers.


Opening Guest Posting: How This Makes Money

Guest posts aren’t just getting links and content for your company. You can actually set up measures to make guest posts on your website generate money for you. In fact, companies such as NO BS Agency can help you create a specific strategy tailored to your needs.

Here’s a rundown of what you have to know about making money from guest posting:




  • Make an honest and genuine media kit to attract guest bloggers: If you want to attract guest posters to help you in generating money, you have to create a genuine and honest media kit to attract them. You can’t convince them to write for you if you don’t give them a guarantee that what they’re writing about and what they’re paying you in order to write will be worth their while. Just what does your website have that merits their attention? Include statistics on how views and clicks interact with relevant pages and categories and other statistics you might think can build a good picture of how posts in your website last. When you start building trust with posters, the better the chances they’ll work with you.
  • Make sure you allow guest post funding to your advertisements: When you do get the funds from guest bloggers that want to pay for guest posts, make sure you allow some of those funds for your advertisements. This ensures you have a method of getting passive income through advertisements. For instance, a $50 guest post enables you to spend $5 on Facebook advertisements and $10 on pay-per-click advertisements. This may not mean much for just one blogger, but a lot of bloggers combined can make your marketing campaigns extremely powerful.
  • Make sure you invest in getting a good following and reputation: When you develop methods to attract people to guest posting, make sure you invest in getting yourself a good reputation. This essentially means making sure you really have something to build upon, given your branding. Start by developing a good following first in both your website and social media accounts – so guest bloggers will be more motivated to pay to guest post. Try to aim for a 5:1 ratio of followers to following.
  • Make sure conversations on backlinks remain private: If you do sell links, don’t tell them outright in both the media kit and publicly through your blog pages. Make sure you conduct these conversations in emails, as a single report to Google Penguin missed sites for bought links may send your rankings and your guest posts spiraling downward with a bad reputation. Making these conversations private gives you a safety net to work with, especially when dealing with Google’s algorithms. You can also cut the backlink selling immediately and honestly tell guest bloggers you have the right to remove backlinks if they don’t make sense in the post they want to make.
  • Make sure you ask for tracking links and results: Measuring clicks every few days, weeks, months, or even years can help keep track of your progress and allow you to make proper adjustments to your plans, especially when thinking of better ways to attract both guest posts and profit to your site. Getting statistics in this manner also allows you to include your performance in your media kit, so you can justify potentially increasing your fees or even including some catch, such as purchasing or availing your products and/or services in the process.


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The Bottom Line: You Can Earn a Lot via Guest Posting

Opening guest posting opportunities for your website gives you not just access to content but potential to make money as well. Remember, guest posts from other people leverage on and also influence your credibility and reputation, and as such ensure that the content you’ll be getting won’t be risking your site’s rankings in the process. Use the above tips to have better insights into the matter.

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