How to make money through YouTube as a beginner?

If you have started a new YouTube channel and searching for ways to make money from the YouTube channel this blog post will help you. When we start a YouTube channel we start from zero subscribers.  That is because you have not uploaded any videos so no one knows you. Hence, the earning money is hard from a new YouTube channel.

This was not the case in 2016.  YouTube got strict with video creators when they found a lot of video creators taking advantage of the YouTube monetization. Then YouTube came up with a new rule where video creators need to have at 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of video watch time. This was really a hard hit on new video creators. Especially for those who left everything to start a living from YouTube Ads.

In the recent new update, YouTube added many features like super chat, paid memberships which opened new windows for video creators to thrive on the world largest video sharing platform. All these features are not for a brand new YouTube channel. A minimum requirement has to achieve to enable monetization. Let me help you find alternative ways to make money on YouTube as a new YouTuber.

Ways to make money through YouTube as a Beginner

AMAZON AFFILIATE: In my opinion Amazon affiliate is the best way to make money on YouTube as a beginner. Amazon pays a small commission for each sale made through your shared link. But every YouTube channel does not show the same success rate. To make money from Amazon affiliate you need to have a channel which reviews products. As you review the product put an affiliate link in the description of the video. You may be wondering I need to buy all the stuff to make a review on it. Nope, you do not need at all. All you need is perfect pictures of the product and knowledge of the product how it works, what are its features, comparison with other similar products on the market. Use a free video editor like VSDC video editor and add your own voice in the background describing the product.

MY PERSONAL TIP TO EARN MORE: Use a keyword research tool like and search for a keyword which has a high search volume but very fewer videos are ranking for that keyword on YouTube. For example, the keyword “Wagner paint sprayer” has high search volume but very few videos are available on youtube at the time writing this post.

You can search such keywords which are having at least 1000/mo search volume. Use a chrome plugin called “Keywords Everywhere” which will show you the search volume without going to


MAKE VIDEOS ON POPULAR VIDEO GAMES: This is the trick I used to do a lot before I jumped into blogging. There was a time when the famous video game maker Nintendo released a game called Pokemon which was very popular then. But the company Nintendo did not release the game at the same time in all parts of the world. This was a blessing for CPA offer promoters. CPA stands for Cost Per Action.  The action can be app installation, online survey, pin fill up. For each action, you get paid a small commission ranging from $0.03 to $100. One such CPA offer provider is CPALead.

You need to search for a game which is popular at present when you reading this post. After you choose a popular game make a small video of two to three minutes where you show the game features and instruct them to click on the link in the description to download the mod version, lasted version, unlimited money, unlimited life or use your own creativity. Mobile Games work best.

To be frank with you the landing page where you point the viewer is shit. They end up installing an app or completing a survey. And this is the reason you get a commission for the action.

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Making money through youtube as a beginner is not that easy if you are thinking just to make videos and money will flow in.  You need to plan and do some research before you jump in. All the tactics I uncovered to you I learned through trial and error method. These are genuine and best ways to start making money on Youtube as a newbie.

The list doesn’t end here. These are just a few ways to make money on YouTube as a beginner. There are many ways in which you can make money on YouTube. I will keep updating this post as I learn new ways to monetize YouTube videos for a newbie.

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