Hubsan x4 Quadcopter with FPV Camera Review

Welcome to my Hubsan x4 Quadcopter with FPV Camera Review.

Are you planning to buy a cheap drone for you? Hubsan is making affordable drones for buyers like you. These drones are cheap, but they have many features like any expensive drones from dji.

Drones are used for many purposes. Well, you might have seen different impractical uses in science fiction movies. In general, Drones have been using for delivery of parcels, for filming, for photography, for weather forecasting and most recent popular use is in the war in Afghanistan.

More about drones.

There are many different types of drones present in the market. In common when we talk of drones, they are quad-copters and octa-copters. They have been even used for the delivery purpose by Amazon. A drone can fly up very high and far distance as long the radio wave signals able to catch it. Having electric motors makes it small in size and very powerful.

How you can use a drone for your youtube vlog?

You can also use drones for youtube vlogs. As these drones are easy to use and carry them. Using drones you can get some great clips, above mountains, taking a street shot in busy traffic, across the river. Popular YouTuber like Casey Neistat uses drones to create videos for his millions of subscribers.


How you can use drones for agriculture?

If you have a big farm or big field, but you are tired and don’t to move. You have no wings but, you have a drone and send them to search for anyone transparency.

One day will come when drones will be flying in our surrounding like birds. They will keep us updated with weather news, security and will deliver the pizza at your doorstep with the request of a just one what’s app message!


How drones can help in security?

As the number of crimes increasing, it’s important to secure our homes. Already many use CCTV camera in homes and shops. Even drones can help us with security.

Drones though made for the benefit of humankind. It is going to harm us too in some way.


HUBSAN X4 Quadcopter with FPV Camera

hubsan x4 quadcopter with fpv camera

What's in the Box?
HUBSAN X4 Quadcopter, FPV transmitter, Protection cover, Spare propeller, U wrench, USB cable, Manual
  • Charging time for one full charge is about 45minutes.
  • Flight time is around 7 minutes.
  • Control distance is around 100meters.
  • You can capture videos with 480p which is the highest resolution for this drone.
  • The drone is flip in 360 degrees.
  • USB charging cable allows charging by computer or wall charger.

You can fly this drone up to 100m radius. HUBSAN X4 Quadcopter is definitely not for high-end photography and videography. Still, you can some nice image and  480p video footage from this drone. It records videos and store in the SD card present inside.

The drone comes with a 4.3″ LCD screen with an FPV transmitter. USB charging cable allows charging by computer or wall charger. This palm-sized quad features built-in video camera which feeds in real time directly to the transmitters built-in LCD screen.

Latest 6-axis flight control system makes it fly more smoothly and gives stability. It has the capability to make 360-degree flips and rolls.


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HUBSAN X4 Brushless Quadcopter with FPV Camera

HUBSAN X4 Brushless Quadcopter with FPV Camera

What's in the Box?
Hubsan X4 Brushless H501S RC Quadcopter, Transmitter, Battery, Charger, 4x Blade.

1080P HD Camera.
Built-in GPS(Universal version) positioning system.
Follow me function and one key return functions.
20 minutes of fly both indoor and outdoor.

This drone comes with two colors; black and white colors.  This is the upgraded version of the HUBSAN X4 Quadcopter with FPV Camera which is mentioned above.

This quadcopter has an HD camera which can shoot videos at 1080p. It has DJI drone features like it can follow an object and one key return, etc.

The transmitter comes with an LCD screen. This is perfect to navigate the drone wherever you want. The range is not that big, but we can say it is decent considering the price.

This drone can be your first taste before buying an expensive drone like DJI.

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Final Thoughts

HUBSAN x4 Quadcopters with FPV camera is best for gifting to kids. While the second one, HUBSAN x4 brushless Quadcopters with FPV camera is perfect for tasting your hands first time with drones. With the attached FPV Camera, you can make videos for your college project.  We can not expect high-quality output from this cheap drone. At this price range, you are getting a durable, stylish drone.

This palm-sized quad features built-in video camera which feeds in real time directly to the transmitters built-in LCD screen. HUBSAN Quadcopters can be a super affordable option for drone lovers.


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