5 Reasons Why I Hate the New WordPress Editor Gutenberg

I have been a wordpress user for more than three years. WordPress is the easiest way to create a blog from scratch. Before moving to wordpress I gave a hand on Blogspot and similar free blogging platforms. I chose wordpress because of its interface(Dashboard) and the editor it provides so easy to use.

Recently, At the end of 2018 WordPress changed its classic editor to a new block editor giving it the name Gutenberg. Everyone in the blogging community talking about it before its release. I was very excited for Gutenberg to release.

Just after few days, I got a notification on my dashboard about WordPress Core Update. Without any hesitation, I updated it as I use to with every wordpress core update.

The user interface was looking nice, blocks for each paragraph and title somewhat annoyed me at first. But at it was the first day I didn’t mind it at all.

I thought, ok let try two-three days more and I will get used to it.

What I thought that I would be fine after using few days, I was wrong. The Gutenberg editor is a mess. Though my views may contradict with yours. But, I will stick to my view. Gutenberg is not for me and many like me who love the classic editor do not like this new editor. That’s why A plugin called “Classic Editor” developed by WordPress Contributors has got more than a million installs within months.

After discovering this Classic Editor plugin, I too switched back to the old editor. This plugin is very handy it supports all the plugins which support the Gutenberg plus plugins which do not support Gutenberg.

Ok, enough talking. Now let me share with you my top Reasons Why I Hate the New WordPress Editor Gutenberg.

Gutenberg is for Designers and not for writers.

Gutenberg seems to be built for Designers and not for content writers. Content writers do not want to mess with blocks and crazy interface. Writers need a simple editor where they can write, add links, tables, shortcodes, images.

There are already plugin like elementor, divi themes which let users edit with blocks, there was no need of pushing everyone to go with blocks.

For a designer perspective, it looks really nice the new editor Gutenberg. They have added many features which will replace many plugins.


Copying is Headache in Gutenberg

Sometimes I write contents unstructured. Just after completion of the full article, I rearrange the paragraphs and images. When I do so I may need to copy parts from one place to another place. It has been smooth till Gutenberg is released.

After the wordpress editor update to Gutenberg, it’s a pain in my head. The copying does not word the same way it used to be before.

Because of the blocks, it fails to copy certain sentences and I have to repeat the same process for more than once.


Certain Plugins lost functionality with Gutenberg

I have been using a plugin called “Title and Nofollow For Links” for a long time. This plugin lets me to selectively set links to nofollow attribute. But after the last wordpress core update, the pop up for a checkmark to set nofollow is not available.

This is just an example, there are many plugins which are not supported in Gutenberg but do support in the classic editor.


The Gutenberg Dashboard is a mess

Gutenberg dashboard is pleasing to the eye but not useful for a regular blog writer. A regular blog writer does not want something sophisticated, they need something simple interface.

After the update, it is hard for finding the permalink and featured image options of the editor. It is also hard to change the Visual editor to the Text editor.


Backspace doesn’t work for deleting a block

Deleting a block is not that easy. Backspace doesn’t work. Requires more than a button clicks to remove a block from your content.

I would love if they make this easy in upcoming updates.


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These are the reasons why I have a negative view about Gutenberg, I will update this post in the future if I happen to find any more reason to hate Gutenberg.

Now, what if you really want to switch back to the classic editor after all these pains.

Yes, It is possible to revert back to the classic even though that option is not available on your dashboard.

It is possible to do so with a plugin, there are many plugins available in the wordpress plugin directory which can stop the Gutenberg editor and run the classic editor. One such is the Classic Editor which I have already mentioned in the beginning.

These are my own views. My views may differ from your views. Take it just as a piece of information rather than a statement. Let me know what your thoughts on the new WordPress editor Gutenburg.

Long live WordPress!





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