how to add a new theme to a blogspot blog

How to add a new theme to a blogspot blog

By default, Blogspot comes with some themes/templates which are simple. They don’t have that many appealing looks. Recently, google has added some more themes to the Blogspot which are good looking and responsive. These are–

  • Contempo
  • Soho
  • Emporio
  • Notable

To activate these themes for your blog click on theme in your Blogspot dashboard—->choose a theme you like—>click apply to blog. That’s it, you can customize it later on.

customize blogspot theme


But, you can also add new theme/template to your Blogspot blog easily. Let’s see how–

install custom theme in blogspot


Next step is to download a nice theme/template for your blog. If you can customize a theme, that’s awesome. No need to look for a Blogspot theme on the internet. If you can’t like me, look for these sites for free and premium Blogspot themes/templates.

After you have downloaded the zip file extract it and upload only the .xml file


how to upload a theme to blogspot

Go to—–>click on theme—->click on backup/restore

A popup window will appear like below screenshot.

upload custom theme to blogspot blog

Now you can either download the current theme or upload a new theme. Choose the XML sheet extracting the zip file and click upload. All done!

Now you have installed a new theme for your blog, cheers! Now it’s time to create some awesome contents.


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