Interview with Hironmoy Gogoi-Founder of Gaon Ka Khana (GKK)

Howdy, This time I am interviewing an extraordinary boy from Sivasagar, Assam. He is the one behind the food startup Gaon Ka Khana(GKK). GKK is both an online and offline food catering service for remote areas. Targeting basically to areas where quality, affordable, ethnic food dishes are rare to find.

Hironmoy started GKK in January of 2016. It’s been one year since GKK started and it has got immense love and support from the local people.

Before I start the interview, Let me introduce him shortly. Hironmoy Gogoi belongs to a small village in Sivasagar district of Assam called Mothadung.  He has struggled a lot in his early life. He lost his both elder brother and mother at a very young age which was the biggest tragedy in his life.

After completing his class 10 he went to Guwahati for further studies. It was the time where he came across a merchant navy examination. He got selected and flew to Jaipur for the training. Hironmoy left his merchant navy job just after 3 months of work. And from then his journey of entrepreneurship begins.

He started a BPO center in Sivasagar, started a company named MCH Technologies. He did many things before he founded the food startup. He was even offered a CEO of a company in Kolkata. But, Hironmoy was predetermined, he wanted to do something by himself, not working under someone. Now, he is his own boss with a team of 10 people working directly and providing many indirect employment.

At present, GKK is serving in Sivasagar, Jorhat and Guwahati and planning to extend to other areas in near future. Outside Assam, GKK has many associate partners across India.

I feel entrepreneurship is not a degree, not a diploma or certificate; it’s an undying passion to create, innovate and lead others to solving real world problems.—Hironmoy Gogoi

His new venture is ”Blackhorse finance and marketing” which is empowering small business with financial consultancy, growth strategy and helping individual clients in branding.

Some of his achievements are…

Hironmoy was awarded ”Student Entrepreneur of the year 2017” by prestigious Entrepreneur Magazine.

student entrepreneur of the year 2017
Hironmoy conversing with local News Channels after he was awarded the Student Entrepreneur of the Year 2017

His startup ‘Gaon Ka Khana was conferred ”Home Grown business of the year” at ‘6th National Awards for Small & Emerging businesses 2017’.

home grown business of the year 2017
Hironmoy receiving ”Home Grown Business of the Year 2017” for his startup Gaon Ka Khana(GKK)


Hironmoy was awarded ”The Telegraph Northeast Excellence Awards 2017” along with Sanjukta Parasar,  Lakhimi Baruah and other seven awardees from Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Sikkim, Meghalaya for contribution to the development of the Northeast India region.

northeast excellence award 2017
Hironmoy receiving Telegraph ”Northeast Excellence Award 2017”

Hironmoy has also received South Asian Award 2017 for his outstanding work in motivating the masses across the state of Assam at the closing ceremony of the South Asian Youth Summit on 20th September 2017 at Swosti Premium Convention in Bhubaneshwar.

Hironmoy gogoi at South Asian Youth Summit
Hironmoy at South Asian Youth Summit 2017 at Swosti Premium Convention in Bhubaneshwar.

His list continues with one more leadership award from TAN

Apart from these, he has been featured in both national/local Newspapers and Magazines for his startup.

GKK Portfolio

Here is the short interview with Hironmoy through emails. I thank him for his valuable time to reply my emails. Most exciting part is that he replied my every email within a day. Hat’s off to you Hironmoy👍.

#1 Me: What was your aim just after passing class 12 exam?

Hironmoy: I recognized my aim of becoming a successful entrepreneur during my school days and it continued to be the same till now.

#2 Me: How do you maintain your personal life, relationships along with the startup?

Hironmoy: Through time and people management skills.

That’s sounds interesting, I wish I had those skills as you do.

#3 Me: Do you think that entrepreneurship can only be found in IITs, NITs? Can a boy or girl not from Engineering background and belonging to a remote village from Assam can still be successful in building a startup?

Hironmoy: I feel entrepreneurship is not a degree, not a diploma or certificate; it’s an undying passion to create, innovate and lead others to solving real world problems.

#4 Me: Do you plan your day? If so, What’s your schedule right from morning till you go to bed at night?

Hironmoy: My schedule starts with regular interaction, observation and learning at the end before putting the lights off.

#5 Me: What is the biggest challenge you are facing right now for GKK?

Hironmoy: Small market in our main location with poor economy in Sivasagar and lack of proactive team members in this small town.

#6 Me: who is your biggest motivation?

Hironmoy: My dad.

#7 Me: Is GKK making any profit? Can we get the figure in numbers?(not necessarily required to answer this question😁)

Hironmoy: Yes, we are making profits gradually. Our turnover is in lakhs now but I won’t disclose the figures.

I appreciate that you answered this question. Most startups like to keep it secret.

#8 Me: What’s your thought on it ”ideas are floating everywhere but the execution is the main thing”.

Hironmoy: Not just execution, consider identification of the floating ideas at the precise time to hit the market.

#9 Me: I have seen that GKK is still serving in old school way with phone orders, do you have a plan of taking to a mobile app?

Hironmoy: My principle is very simple: Start with less investment and keep sticking to your plan. I don’t go with trends; I go with the needs and flexibility of my customer. Most of my customers aren’t that well accustomed to mobile applications and they are more comfortable with phone calls so I am ensuring their comfort zone for placing the orders with ease. Although we do have an external app integrated with our facebook business page, it has been observed that we receive fewer orders through the app comparing to the orders received through phone calls. So if I don’t see the said need in my model then I don’t find it much logical to go for unnecessary investment as the business is designed based on the operational market.

#10 Me: Recently I have heard that GKK is spreading to Guwahati in Jalukabari area. But, there is already online player like vkitchen in Jalukbari area. How do you kill such competitions?

Hironmoy: We are still not competing, we are making efforts to build brand visibility at present because the actual picture is yet to come.

#11 Me: Have you approached any investors for GKK?

Hironmoy: No, three investors approached us so far but I am still not ready to deal with the risk of external funding.

#12 Me: Do you want to say something to budding entrepreneurs? Any advice.

Hironmoy: Rejection is the best opportunity for great achievements. Start with whatever you have, wherever you can but dream big. Best wishes!

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Well, that was my interview with the founder of GKK Hironmoy Gogoi. For the first time, I have interviewed someone.  Did you like it? Do the questions should be more inclined to personal life or inclined to more entrepreneurial stuff. Comment your suggestions. This will help me to improve my future interviews on TSO. Kudos to Hironmoy for his achievements at such a young age. May GKK become one of the tops food delivery services in the country.

Photos were taken from Hironmoy’s Facebook account with due permission.

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