Know Pool, Snooker and Billiards Games difference before Playing

For someone who is not familiar with the sport, the play concepts of pool, snooker and billiards looks like a blend of a singular ‘cue’ sport which has more similarities than differences. This inference is not completely wrong in broad terms, since they all use a stick called ‘Cue’, to strike 1 or 2 balls, called as ‘Cue Ball’, to hit other special balls with various colors and characteristics, called as ‘Object Balls’. These are all played on cloth covered tables, with proper rails and cushions, some with pockets and some without. It is interesting to note that the core concept is the only common theme between billiards, pool and snooker.

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Pool Games

Starting with the baby among the trio, Pool games, the most famous and recent type of cue sport, has its origin dating back to the 1800s. In the natural evolution of cues sports, this is the latest variant, with the addition of Pockets to the original Billiards table design. Thus, a pool game is nothing but Pocket Billiards. The most famous variety of Pool game is the 8-ball, which had 7 striped balls, 7 solid colored balls, an 8-ball and lastly, the white cue ball. The objective of an 8-ball pool is to pocket the entire suite of the ball one starts with, and lastly legally pocketing the black 8-ball. The other popular variation of pool is 9-ball, where the balls have no particular suit and they are marked with Numbering in incremental order. In 9-ball, pocketing the black 8-ball by striking it with the most lowest value ball on the table wins you the game.

Play Online Pool Game

You can play online pool game like 8 ball pool game, 9 ball pool game and many more. Here I have listed few more platforms to play pool games online.


Snooker Games

The Big Daddy of these games, Snooker games are older than Pool games, with mention of the game even in the 16th century. It is really a Chicken or the Egg debate with Snooker and Billiards, in that there are various historical references that point both has different origins and also both evolving from famous outdoor Croquet games. But the main differences between these two are the rules, the table designs, the pockets and the balls. Snooker uses 21 balls, out of them 15 red colored balls are without numbers, while the other 6 which are referred to as object balls have different colors. The primary aim in the game of snooker consists of scoring more points than the opponent by on the other hand pocketing red balls and object balls. Obviously, with these many variants in the picture, there are multiple snooker variations with slight changes in the rules and setups of the game. Snooker games are the most professionally played Billiards variant out there.

Play Online Snooker Game

Just like Pool games, Snooker games available online to play. Though these platforms do not differentiate pool, snooker and billiard games. But I have researched a little to bring you the best.


Billard Games

The Grandfather of these online pool games, Billiards or more technically, carom billiards, is the fore-father of all cue sports with historical references to this sport even in the 15th century. The other variations like pool and snooker have evolved later in time. Billiards was not even an original sport, with many overlaps with other croquet games. The most strangest of all aspects of this game is that Carom Billiards does not have any pockets or holes in the table and the only objective of the game is for the player to reach a predefined number of points by remarkable one of the three object balls present on the table with the cue ball, then hit a minimum of three railings and in the end, the other object ball. This variation of billiards is known as three cushions and is by far the most well known. Apart from three cushions the other famous types of Billiards were- Straight Rail, a simplified three cushion with only a single rail in between the two object balls, and Four Ball, an additional object ball in the mix.

Play Online Billiards Game

Onlne Billiards games are more popular than pool and snooker. There are tons of online sites where you can play. Considering free platforms to play billiards online I have listed a few sites.



App store and Play store is filled with online Pool, Snooker and Billiards games. As we came to know that the basic techniques of all the three games are same. The difference is in how you play the game(the rules). The board is same having 4 holes at the 4 corners.

History says all three games came from the same parent to varied versions. Next time if someone asks you the difference of pool, snooker or billiard games, it will be easy for you to tell the difference. Enjoy playing!

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