MoKo Universal Active Stylus Review

An active stylus pen allows users to write directly onto the screen surface of a computing device such as a smartphone, tablet computer or Ultrabook. If you are a regular user of a smartphone, a tablet which generally has small screens than a computer, laptop. In this case, you may like to have an active stylus pen to write and draw. This makes works fast and productive.

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Why using an Active Stylus is better than your finger?

Your Finger may create smudges on the screen of your device. But a stylus pen has a nice smooth tip which is built for writing on screens.

In winter it becomes difficult to write on a small screen wearing gloves. An Active Stylus pen can save your hand exposed to freezing cold in winter.

Another important use of Active Stylus Pen is that different people have different sizes of fingers and some people like to keep long nails. This may disturb while writing or drawing a long note. A Stylus Pen can save you from all these odds.


MoKo Universal Active Stylus Review

moko active stylus pen


Pressure sensitivity is up to the mark on Samsung devices. You can change the pressure sensitivity of your device in the settings.

Palm rejection is the what I was looking for. It rejects most of the palm impressions.

Diagonal strokes are somewhat jitter in some devices. Otherwise makes the fine straight line at precise points.


Dimension is 131mm x10.7mm.

Available colors: Black, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Space Grey. Metal Tip Diameter is 1.5mm which gives fine writing and drawing experience.

This sleek Active Stylus is not heavy although made of metal, it Weighs approx 26g.

Made with high-quality anodized aluminum, the durable, gently curved clip allows for easily securing the stylus to your tablet cover or in a pocket for easy access. There is a detachable cap on the stylus bottom, which can protect the USB port from damage and dirty.


MoKo Universal Active Stylus Manual

MoKo Univeral Active Stylus comes with one USB charging cable. It does not require any external apps to configure. You may like to configure pressure sensor of your device for smooth writing. Different devices will have a different setting for that.

The MoKo stylus will work with any apps, follow the manual that comes with box.


How to charge the stylus pen?

moko active stylus

The process is simple. As MoKo Active Stylus comes with a USB cable, you just need to remove the pen cap and plugin the pin.

If it shows red light it means that the stylus pen is charging. If it is green, the stylus pen is fully charged.


MoKo Universal Active Stylus Compatibility

It works with any capacitive screens. While we tasted it hands-on, it worked charmingly with Android and iOS devices.

The official list of compatible devices are-

iPhone 8 / 8 Plus / 7 / 7 Plus / 6s / 6s Plus, iPad Pro, iPad 9.7 (2017), iPad 1 / 2 / 3 / 4, iPad mini 1 / 2 / 3 / 4, Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge, Huawei, HTC, Google, LG and other touch screen tablets and smartphones.

It will work with any future mobile phone models as MoKo Universal Active Stylus has nothing to do with


Final Thoughts on MoKo Universal Active Stylus Pen

Before buying you should consider a few things. The purpose of the Stylus Pen. If you are a graphic designer, you should probably go for an Active Stylus. Otherwise, for general writing a Capacitive Stylus Pen is okay.

Capacitive Stylus Pens generally do not require any external power sources like battery or charging. And they support any writable capacitive screens. It is the rubber tip which mimics the human finger.

The advantage of Active Stylus over Capacitive Stylus is the palm rejection. MoKo Universal Active Stylus is superb considering its price and compatibility with devices.

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MoKo Active Stylus Pen










Value for Money



  • Comfortable Grip
  • Anti-Smudge/Anti-Scratch
  • Metallic body
  • 1.5mm Fine Point
  • Affordable


  • Lag issue with some models

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