Money is the biggest factor: blogging motivation

blogging motivation
(Last Updated On: October 14, 2017)

Blogging is really a hard journey. Especially the initial days. when you have invested too many hours of work on a blog and still there is no one to read.

Money is the biggest factor I have to say, without money it is not possible to run a blog. Especially when you are in college or out of job.

Even now after creating many blogs for 3 years, all my blogs don’t do well. I get frustrated, Investing money, time and those late night works seems to go in vain. It lasts for few days (the pain), sometimes I again research what’s  the problem with the blog. It may be the niche I have chosen or the server making my site slow. Whatever maybe I need to fix it, quick and now.  If I can’t do so, I move to a new one. That’s what happens, you need to move to on. It harts waiting time and money. But, you can’t be static, life is so fast. No one is waiting for you.

These are some blogging motivation from my side

If you have been blogging and still haven’t got success. Move to some other niche, or you need to change your writing skill or you need to hire someone to write for you. Or change anything hosting, your working style, time. Because sometimes change is essential.

Money is the biggest factor in life. Without money, it is hard to work on a project even if it is your dearest job. For motivations, I keep my AdSense, online paychecks near me so that I can just motive them from. If in past I have done it, in future too I can do. Money matters- Motivate yourself with money, if today you have an empty pocket, tomorrow it will fill.

Following other bloggers in the blogosphere. I do follow many bloggers across the world. I read about their journey and it’s pretty same. All have ups and downs. Follow some big bloggers- can be any famous blogger from your country or anywhere else. You just need motivation from them. Follow their social media accounts.

Keep yourself busy. Busy people don’t have time to be depressed or sad. If something is not working for you, change it or do it differently. Keep moving

This post is totally personal one. As a new blogger( 3 year is not enough to know this internet blackhole) I sometimes feel frustration. Same I feel for the new blogger and hope this post will help them to get some motivation and keep moving.


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