YouTube Update:No more monetization for small YouTubers

No more monetization! WTF!

Yes, you heard it right YouTube has withdrawn the monetization feature for small YouTubers. You need at least 10,000-lifetime views to join YoTube partner program. Channels which are with less than 10K views monetization has been disabled.

Below is an excerpt from the google blog.

Starting today, we will no longer serve ads on YPP videos until the channel reaches 10k lifetime views. This new threshold gives us enough information to determine the validity of a channel. It also allows us to confirm if a channel is following our community guidelines and advertiser policies. By keeping the threshold to 10k views, we also ensure that there will be minimal impact on our aspiring creators. And, of course, any revenue earned on channels with under 10k views up until today will not be impacted.


Personally, I have seen many videos which are duplicates of other YouTube videos and ranking higher than the original video. This means the YouTube talks of content ID thing is not working for small YouTubers. YouTube is broken in many things, needs to improve and thus, YouTube taking ever steps to make it better.

no more monetization for small youtubers

Read the full story here on official google blog.


You may believe or no, It will really help other established YouTubers. YouTubers who has taken it seriously as the main source of income they make videos with many hard works like researching on topics, editing, promotion of videos. But, there are many people who are in search of easy money, they just steal other content. They download the videos of other channel and reupload it to YouTube. Now there will be no chances of duplication as YouTube is going to review the videos whenever someone applies for YouTube partner program.


It will be difficult for new YouTubers to grow. As many small YouTubers are with few subscribers gets very fewer views, it will be difficult for them to get 10,000 views which will frustrate them and eventually y they will leave the creating content on YoTube.

Many people get inspired from the little cents they make through YouTube and takes it new level seeing the progress. But, these type people are not going to exist on YouTube.

SUMMARY: YouTube always thinks better for the creators

YouTube always thinks better for creators and theey do many changes to eliminate the spammers and scammers. This update from YouTube may be heartbreaking for someone while it is beneficial for many YouTubers who work day and night to grow their channel.

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