How to create a new YouTube channel with 3 easy steps

Creating a YouTube is very easy, we just need some clicks. With the growth of internet speed now India’s mobile viewership has also grown to 180 million according to the hind business line. There is a lot of potentials for Indian YouTubers to grow fast. For that, you first need a Youtube channel to upload contents. This 3 step guide will show you how easily you can create a youtube channel.

Step 1: Creating a YouTube channel

If you are  creating channels for the first time click this link

If  you already have a channel and want to create a new channel then click this link

You will need to create a brand page for your YouTube channel before creating a YouTube channel.


brand account for youtube channel

After you create a brand page, one new YouTube channel will be automatically created. Later you can use that brand page for promoting your youtube channel.


Step 2: Edit the channel and give it a unique identity.

how to start a youtube channel


Next thing is to edit your channel and give it a nice look.

  • Edit channel icon: Your channel icon is linked to a Brand Account. If you want to change Channel Name or Channel Icon you have to edit in Brand Account page. Keep in mind that changing of channel name is allowed only for few times.
  • Edit channel art: create a channel art for your channel. You will get some default channel arts from YouTube. But my personal recommendation is to upload a custom made channel art of 2560×1440. Make a channel art related to your channel. I use photoshop for making channel arts if you want better quality you can hire someone from Fiverr to make for you at $5.
  • Add channel description: add a good channel description telling about your channel contents.


Step 3: Customize and monetize your channel.

How to change the layout of your channel?

To change the layout of your channel click on the gear icon present on the home page.

how to customize the layout of your youtube channel

How to monetize your youtube channel?

There are many ways you can monetize your YouTube channel but Adsense is the most trustable one. It was very easy before to monetize your youtube things are not good right now. Especially when you start your youtube channel. Now  Youtube monetizes only the channels with more than 10,000-lifetime views.

Now it is time to upload videos and kickstart your  YouTube channel. It is advised to read carefully YouTube policies before uploading videos so that you do not violet any YouTube terms and conditions.

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