How to add new widgets in Dashboard?

Adding new widgets in WordPress Dashboard is very easy. With new widgets, you can add google analytics code, Facebook page timeline, email subscription and much more. WordPress has many functionalities than any other CMS out there in the digital world. WordPress widget plays a great role in your blog. Without WordPress widgets, it will be difficult… Read More »

HostGator India Review 2019

    Hostgator is good web hosting company  because of its easy to use Cpanel. Many people want to know whether Hostgator India is as reliable as Hostgator US. Well,my answer will not be direct as it depends on your need. Like Hostgator US, Hostgator India has good shared hosting plan ( i use one) which… Read More »

5 plugins you should start with your WordPress blog?

   Plugins are must if you are  a wordpress blogger. Plugins makes everything easy by just installing it. I am going to say about  5 basic plugins that you must start with your blog. These plugins are boosters for your blog to run the blog without any difficulty. That is why i always recommend my… Read More »

How to create Facebook APP ID?

Are you installing a new Facebook-related WordPress plugin & need to enter Facebook App ID & secret key? This  3 step guide will show you how you can create facebook app id in minutes. Facebook app id may require you if you are installing a WordPress plugin which lets you embed your page album, show your page timeline and so.… Read More »

How to create a BlogSpot blog?

     Creating  a blogger blog is easy and free. Only the thing you have to do is just type the address in your browser. Do remember that if you don’t have a gmail account open one first. Then log in using your gmail account. Now a days  there are many blogging plateforms like blogspot.… Read More »

8 Bloggers Who Earn Ridiculously

    This blog post is about Indian bloggers who are earning ridiculously from their blogs. Earning through blogging is not easy, it takes time and you need patience at the beginning but later it becomes a Money Making Machine(MMM). Here I shall cover only a few of them as it will not be possible to… Read More »

How to point a BlogSpot blog to a custom domain?

    So ,now you want to move from  to . I think that’s a good decision by you. I too started blogging on blogger as it is easy and free. But if you want to drive more traffic  and want to build a brand of yourself you should have a custom domain. Custom… Read More »

How to install WordPress in cPanel?

How to install WordPress in Cpanel?   It is very easy to install WordPress in Cpanel. Cpanel is the control panel using which you can create a database, install a new application like Joomla, Weebly, WordPress. Before the installation, ou should have a hosting account. Either you can create a free account in free hosting… Read More »