Top Interior Design and Decoration Hacks for Your Home

Whether it is your new house or your old house, you would always want to keep your home neat and clean. Interior decoration plays an important role in transforming a house into a home. It put a soul into

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create a child theme

How to Create a Child Theme in WordPress Step by Step Tutorial

This step by step tutorial will show how to create a child theme with just some few clicks. Some WordPress themes come with a child theme along with the parent theme. But not all. A child theme is dependent

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gkk of assam

GKK: The new KFC of Assam

Do you know that KFC is the second largest restaurant chain in the world by sales after McDonald’s? KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders, an entrepreneur who began

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affiliate marketing

Monetize Your App Using Affiliate Marketing Program

No doubt that affiliate marketing is one of the smartest ways to market and make money out of your own app. Not only is this capable of critical growth but also enhances user engagement rate. This was

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VPN connection failed

VPN connection failed-How to fix on Android, iOS and Windows

VPNs are generally used to hide IP, location, information of an internet user. There are also used for other purposes. Users can access resources like websites from a place where it is prohibited. Mostly

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Amazon Influencer Program Qualifications to Get Accepted

Here is list for Amazon Influencer Program Qualifications to Get Accepted

    Amazon Influencer Program was first released for only a few selected big social media accounts. But later when the e-commerce giant saw the impact of influencers on their followers, they make it

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freedom influencer

Everything You Need to Know about Nathan Lucas (aka Freedom Influencer)

This guy is an online guru, influencer, financial helper, kickass marketer. If you have been watching Youtube videos online money making tips, you probably have bumped into his channel called freedom influencer. I

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AFCI Vs GFCI in Details

An Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) also known as an arc-fault detection device (AFDD) is a circuit breaker that breaks the circuit when it detects an electric arc in the circuit. Whereas Ground Fault

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mr. beast

All You Need to Know about YouTuber MrBeast

A YouTuber whose videos get millions of videos just after uploading. He is the beast of YouTube video thumbnail maker. He publicly said that he spends 3x times on video thumbnails that the video itself! Though

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Baby Tracker App

Best Baby Tracker Apps for Moms

A Baby cannot speak out his problems, so the mom has to look after everything for the baby from feeding to bathing to medicines. A happy baby looks adorable, while a crying baby creates tension on a mother’s

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whatsapp tricks 2018

50 Awesome WhatsApp Tricks for You | WhatsApp Tricks 2019

Do you use WhatsApp daily? Do you want to learn some WhatsApp tricks you can play with your friends? You may know some of the tricks, but not all. It took me a whole day to search for these tricks. Some

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Everything You Need to Know about the Manufacturing of Leading E-cigarettes

Everything You Need to Know about the Manufacturing of Leading E-cigarettes

Everything You Need to Know about the Manufacturing of Leading E-cigarettes Several years ago, very few people knew about e-cigarettes. However, now e-cigarettes are rising in popularity, mostly because

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