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Patrick Bet David Wiki

Patrick’s amazing story starts with his family immigrating to America when he was 10-years old. His parents fled Iran as refugees during the Iranian revolution and were eventually granted U.S. citizenship.

After high school Patrick joined the U.S. military and served in the 101st Airborne before starting a business career in the financial services industry. After a tenure with a couple traditional companies, he was inspired to launch PHP Agency Inc., an insurance sales, marketing and distribution company – and did so before he turned 30. PHP is now one of the fastest growing companies in the financial marketplace.

Patrick Bet David House

Patrick Bet David currently lives in USA. He has bought houses in many places including a resort.

patrick bet david house

Patrick Bet David Wife

Jennifer Bet-David. She talks about motivational stories. She also shares about relationships with an entrepreneur. Here is one of her video.

Patrick Bet David Company

Patrick Bet-David founded PHP Agency in 2009 to bring life insurance to multi-cultural middle-class America and bring an entrepreneurial opportunity to individuals in those communities.

The company started in Northridge, CA when 66 life insurance agents joined Patrick on the journey to realize his vision. Since that time, over 3,292 individuals have become licensed agents and approximately 41,363 families have been protected by life insurance and annuity products.

Today, the company is partnered with some of the leading life insurance carriers including AIG, Foresters, National Life Group, Nationwide, John Hancock and many others. The company is headquartered in Dallas, TX.

Patrick Bet David Net Worth

Patrick Bet David is an Entrepreneur who founded a life insurance company called PHP Agency. His net worth includes billions of dollars. He owns many sports cars including BMW and Ferrari. According to Forbes, he is one of the most successful businessmen.

Patrick Bet David Books

His books are—

Doing The Impossible: The 25 Laws for Doing The Impossible

This book is for those who have a desire to achieve greatness and are ready to take the steps to turn that desire into a reality. At one point or another in this book, you will experience several different reactions – excitement, curiosity, joy, laughter, or even tears – but the ultimate goal is to encourage and challenge you to make a decision to do the impossible. That may have a totally different meaning to you than it did to Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, or any of the other role models we will look at; but whatever Doing the Impossible means to you, the goal of this book is to help you realize that you have the capacity to do what the critics think is impossible.

Drop Out And Get Schooled: The Case For Thinking Twice About College

Education is broken and most graduates are broke. The purpose of this book is to start an important dialogue about college education. I will make the case for why I believe 70{7dc6b57109584f6cf0f32ef1db2aa5bf48c0513368087ca0c8f505f7f173c803} of college students should drop out. The concept of giving our trust to the educational system without accountability has not worked. I believe it’s time to ask serious questions: Why do we go to college in the first place? – Who should go to college and who shouldn’t? – Can I succeed and do great things without college? – Why do tuition and textbooks cost as much as they do? – Have colleges simply become a big business (with tax-free status)? – Are the subjects taught in college sufficient for life or do we need an upgrade? All these questions are answered in this book.

The Life of an Entrepreneur in 90 Pages: There’s An Amazing Story Behind Every Story

The purpose of “The Life of an Entrepreneur in 90 Pages’ book is to help you lay a foundation to achieve your dreams. Many people have passion and a burning desire to achieve something more but need direction and assistance focusing their energy.

The Next Perfect Storm

Do you remember when the average annual return of a ninety-day CD at a bank in October of 1981 was 16.6{7dc6b57109584f6cf0f32ef1db2aa5bf48c0513368087ca0c8f505f7f173c803}? How about the fact that the S&P 500 experienced a minimum annual rate of return of 21{7dc6b57109584f6cf0f32ef1db2aa5bf48c0513368087ca0c8f505f7f173c803} in five consecutive years from 1995 to 1999? And let’s not forget how real estate had a record breaking decade in the 2000’s with an annual rate of return of 9.27{7dc6b57109584f6cf0f32ef1db2aa5bf48c0513368087ca0c8f505f7f173c803}. Do you ever wonder what the next boom will be? That’s exactly what this book is about. Author and visionary entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David explains how five different current conditions have combined to create the next perfect storm in an industry that’s been ignored for almost four decades.

Patrick Bet David YouTube Channel

His YouTube Channel Valuetainment exists to teach the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and personal development while inspiring people to break from limiting beliefs or other constraints and achieve their dreams. It has been referred to as “the voice for entrepreneurs.”

Patrick has also hosted a series of one-on-one interviews with some of the world’s most interesting people, including NBA Hall of Famer James Worthy, Author Robert Greene, Billionaire and Entrepreneur Mark Cuban, Indy-500 Winner Al Unser Jr., Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, author and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki, and many others.

Patrick Bet David Quotes

Savings give you a lot of strength, flexibility and control. They are what give you the most powerful Answer In The World.
I’ve not found! one single mutual fund, one single real estate investment, any gold, silver or anything else that has given me higher returns than me investing in myself.
A positive attitude is worth more than the rarest diamond in the world.
Overreading could lead to you thinking for yourself.
Your Mind is the Best NDA or NCA you’ll ever need.




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