How to play Rise of Civilizations on PC using BlueStacks 4

rise of civilizations
(Last Updated On: October 11, 2018)

Rise of Civilizations a strategy game where you need to conquer the world and become the hero of a civilization. This game is a real-time full of warfare actions. All the actions take place on an enormous map where anyone can join the battle. The real-time battles and the ability to counterattack make the game more interesting.

To play Rise of Civilization on your PC, You need to first install an android emulator. BlueStacks is one of the best android emulators. It has many functions which make it favourable for PC gamers. In this guide, I will show you how to install Rise of civilizations on your PC, plus a gameplay of the game.


Step by Step Guide to install Rise of Civilizations on PC

Step 1: Download BlueStacks 4(Android Emulator).

This part is very easy. Just download the BlueStacks 4 using the button below. BlueStacks 4 is the latest of all versions and it is about 480 MB in file size. After you download the file, open to install it on your PC. The minimum requirement for a PC to install Bluesctack 4 and play Android games seamlessly is that the PC should have at least 4 GB of RAM. Out of which at least 2GB should be dedicated for BlueStacks game engine to play smoothly.


Step 2: Sign in Using your Google account.


sign into bluestack 4

Next step is to sign in into your Google Play Account(Your Gmail Account ) so that you can get updates of the game regularly. If you do not have a google account it is damn easy to create an account. Just put in your Name and backup call number and all done.


Step 3:  Search for Rise of Civilizations on App Center or Google Play Store on BlueStacks

install rise of civilizations on pc

We have successfully activated BlueStacks 4 on our PC. Next, we will download Rise of Civilizations on our PC. There are two ways you can download the game. One is by directly going to google play store or another one is quick and easy that is through App Centre. BlueStacks comes with some preinstalled apps, one of them is the app centre.

Click on the app centre icon which you will find on home screen and searches for Rise of Civilizations.


Step 4: Install the game and Play

After you get the game click on install. The game will get downloaded and installed on your PC.


BlueStacks 4 Features

BlueStacks is one of the best android emulators out there. I installed BlueStck on my PC to enjoy Android games on it. BlueStacks has undergone many updates making the current version BlueStck 4 the best one.

BlueStacks 4 is more stable than the previous versions. This version is about 480 MB in file size.

On BlueStacks 4 you can play large games with high graphics like PUBG Mobile seamlessly. Some of the cool features of BlueStacks 4 settings are-

bluestack 4 settings


You can customize your settings. If you have a low spec PC, it is better to decrease the Resolution. The default minimum resolution is 1280×720.

Similarly, you can change DPI(Dots Per Inch) to Low(160DPI) or High(240DPI).

On Engine settings, You can change to OpenGL or DirectX. You can also set a boss key to hide BlueStacks while running it on Background.

Check the notifications boxes that you want to receive time to time. Uncheck notification boxes which you don’t want to receive.

The powerful feature of BlueStacks 4 is that you can backup and restore your previous apps, games installed on other PC. There is a direct tab to check the current version of the BlueStacks running and you can update it when needed.


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Gameplay of Rise of Civilizations on BlueStacks 4


Eight Unique Civilizations

rise of civilizations on PC


The game has Eight unique civilizations. Rome, Germany, Britain, France, Spain, China, Japan and Korea. With different Civilizations, you get different combat powers.

Every civilization starts with a great commander which keeps upgrading on the further levels of the game.


The Game’s World Map

In Rise of Civilizations, you get an enormous big world map. You can use up and down keys to zoom in and zoom out. These control keys are editable and use your favourite keys for zoom in and out.

The map is so big that you do not require a different map to battle. With 27 heroes on the same map makes the make more interesting.


Build Your City 

build your city in rise of civilizations

Build your city by collecting more woods. You can make the building process faster by spending gems. The city hall needs to be keep upgrading to unlock more and more bases like a farm, lumber mill, quarry, goldmine.


Upgrade City Defences to save your city from enemy

upgrade city defenses in rise of civilizations

You need to keep upgrading your city defence system. You are the governor of your city and need to keep eye on your city defence system.

An enemy with a lower level than yours can not break through the defence system. But an enemy at a high level can break the city defence system.


Train Troops for Battle

train troops in rise of civilizations

Train troops to deploy them in battle. With your trained troops can either attack a nearby city or protect your city when needed.


You can attack the nearby cities

rise of civilization in attacking

You can attack nearby cities. To attack a nearby city search in the map and find a city which is of lower or equal to your level.


Recruit Legendary Commander 

rise off civilization gameplay

You can recruit commander for leading a task. A Commander upgrades in each level.


Send Scout to Explore

send scout to explore in rise of civilizations

Send Scouts to explore the nearby area on the map. They will notify you of any danger in advance.

The game is full of actions. You are the governor and you have full control over your city. From Building a new Camp/Base, training troops to sending troops for exploration you can pass an order to the commander.


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Final thoughts on Rise of Civilizations

Undoubtedly, Rise of Civilizations is one of the best strategic games out there on Google Play Store. The joy of playing this game on a large is screen is even more fun.

You can enjoy this warfare game on PC using BlueStacks 4 which is one of the fastest android emulators. Whenever I get time to play this game, I dig in at least three to four hours on my PC.


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  • Free Game coins on each level which can be redeemed for real gaming tools.
  • You can interchange between DirectX to OpenGL
  • You can allocate custom RAM for the game engine to run.


  • Game Engine Starts again from zero when you change in settings.
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