How to build a slider using SiteOrigin page builder plugin?

do you know what a slider is?


you might have seen in some websites a power point presentation like slides moving or fading . A slider widget in wordpress site can easily do that effect. You have to create some slides and have to adjust them for the slider. A website with slider looks very professional. There are many themes which have inbuilt slider(meta slider) which may help you to build a slider. Even with help of some wordpress plugin you can build a slider. If you want to integrate  meta  slider in your theme read this external article

Before building the slider  do check the following-


  1. you need the site builder plugin and site builder widget bundle.
  2. check whether your theme supports slider or not – themes like ultra,themegrill (both are free) which supports slider.

Keep in mind that here slider is the new complete slideshow having slides. Slides are those single image that you want to add. You can check this slider created  for one of my site.

You can create a great look for your business website using  page builder plugin. you can adjust width, can add a caption,animation speed etc. SiteOrigin plugin comes with some in built widgets ,but for using slider widget you have to install siteorigin widget bundle.

SiteOrigin widget bundle


site builder widgets bundle includes-

  1. customizable button  widget
  2. widget for text editor
  3. widget for website features with icons
  4. widget for showing google map
  5. widget for image display
  6. widget for post carousel
  7. widget for slider

with these widgets it becomes easy to build a website with your requirement. There are many plugins to build slider like slider, slider WD which are also equally useful (if you are using page builder plugin better  not to use other than SiteOrigin plugin)

steps to build your slider–


step 1. you might have seen when you write a post or page  there are two ways to edit your content. [visual and text] But after the installation of siteorigin page builder plugin a button [page Builder] will appear.

click page builder marked with red circle
click page builder marked with red circle


step 2. Add a row (for better functioning of your slider add single row layout) and  slider widget from the pop up list. you can customize layouts,background colour ,background image and many more…

Add row and slider widget
Add row and slider widget

step 3. Now add a slider and add a frame. In that frame you can add slides. You can point your visitor to a landing page or external url if someone clicks the slides. Or you can add captions for the slides. The most important thing i liked about the sitebuilder plugin is that you can revert to normal editor without losing any content.

slide and slider are different keep in mind
slide and slider are different keep in mind
what to do if your slider does not response?


if your slider is not responding check whether your theme is supports slider, images are not more  than 2 MB of size,  whether your slider messed with sidebar or any advertisement.

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