Story of two uneducated innovators

   Education is really important in our life as it plays a great role in getting a job  or a recognition or a social status. But today i want to share  stories of two guys from India who are not educated but certainly they are genius. Each year lakhs of student passes out from top Engineering colleges, many get Phd degree, many  appointed for Research in Technology sector. But what they could not do getting a better salary, getting better infrastructure,getting better research opportunities,these guys are neither helped by government nor by any private company nor they have high tech lab nor much money to afford new technology . Only the tool they have is a burning desire to do something new.  The  zeal to do something new has brought many innovations to the world. Here is the two stories of two Indian innovators –

Indian Innovators:first chapter


School dropout who built a helicopter


Vehicles struggle to reach Shyamjuli, a village 450km northeast of Assam’s popular city, Guwahati. This was the reason why Chandra Siwakoti Sharma, a school dropout, built a helicopter that he says can carry two people 30-50ft above the ground.the school dropout who made a helicopter

An automobile mechanic, Sharma spent more than Rs15 lakh to design the helicopter with metal sheets, car seats and two SUV engines. He has named it Pawan Putra, a sort of a “jugaad”, or innovative fix, he worked on primarily to give his backward area a faster mode of communication.

Shyamjuli is in Dhemaji district, Assam’s remotest and almost always flood-affected.

“My helicopter can fly, though not as fast as the ones in operation for civil or military duty. It can easily move at 50kmph,” Sharma says.

He is awaiting clearance from authorities concerned to find out if his aircraft really works.

“We want to encourage a person who has conquered adversities to make a helicopter without any degree in aviation. But we want to go by the rules first,” said Victor Carpenter, the district’s deputy commissioner.

Locals, enthused by Sharma’s innovation, have already written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi .Sharma could not study beyond class 3 because of poverty, but invested all his savings and even sold his land to follow his dream. He needs to be encouraged.Sharma said local officials and officers from an army camp nearby have promised to witness the trial of his helicopter once he gets permission. This uneducated innovator is inspiration for people like us.

A car powered by water


Fossil fuels Add pollution to the atmosphere,  are limited, non-renewable and take hundreds of years to form which involves various geophysical processes. If they remain untapped, then they can provide a much-needed lubrication to tectonic plates which can abate an earthquake too.

he drives his water powered car
he drives his water powered car

To combat the issue of pollution, to avoid rapid depletion of the limited resource and to provide something ‘Green’ to our air, a mechanic from Madhya Pradesh has invented a car that runs on a fuel which is both eco-friendly and cheap.  There is always a need for a substitute of Petrol, diesel, and other fossil fuels. In this need of the hour, Raees Markani, 44, finally came up with this eco-friendly car that runs on a fuel as cheap as Rs 10 to 20 per litre . Though the vehicle looks just like an another car, a closer look reveals details of the technology used to create it.

The car runs by acetylene gas formed by a chemical reaction between calcium carbide and water. The gas has also a wide usage in several industrial purposes including welding and portable lighting for miners. Markani said that the invention would make common people breathe with ease as this will forbid them to pay for fuels pricing as much as Rs.70/litre helping them keep their pockets heavy and journey light and stress-free.


For instance, Markani has also filed for a patent for his innovation after refusing a Chinese firm, which was interested in using his innovation, asking the investors to set up the plant in his hometown. This invention comes at a time when automobile companies are seeking for a cleaner, more eco-friendly fuel in their cars.

Though there is a dearth of buyers who ask for eco-friendly cars (reasons ranging from the unavailability of green fuel at every nook and corner to yet, not in fashion), the demand for them is increasing gradually and the manufacturers definitely have to keep up this in their foresight.

So, with this innovation coming at a time when it’s needed the most, Raees like Indian innovators who are in the every corners of the country should have opportunity to explore his/her  invention in all possible directions.

We esteemed to have such innovative minds in society. Our society needs more people like Raeees, who are genuinely solution seekers instead of just problem boosters. When i first read about them in News it really touched me , a grand salute to them.

How entrepreneurs are different?

This question strikes me whenever i use think of of peoples like these two Indian innovators. Entrepreneurs are really unique from others and we can relate them to innovators like Raees. They have different mindset than  common people. Few days ago i found this pic  from one of my fb friend.

life as ceo

i don’t know whether this is correct or not but surely it is interesting to take challenges in life. Life without challenges is like a guitar with torn chords, a tv without any channel, a bike without petrol and most importantly a laptop without internet connection.

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