How to subscribe jio prime?

What JIO is offering:

JIO is offering many plans to fulfill your data requirement. Note that by subscribing JIO prime you are getting only access to JIO prime membership. You need to recharge separately for a plan to get free data.

current plans are-

  •  JIO MRP 19 plan    VALIDITY (DAYS) -1          Data-200MB
  •  JIO MRP 49 plan       VALIDITY (DAYS)  -3      Data-  600MB
  • JIO MRP 96 plan     VALIDITY (DAYS)-7           Data-  7 GB
  • JIO MRP 149 plan   VALIDITY (DAYS)-28        Data-  2GB
  • JIO MRP 303 plan   VALIDITY (DAYS)-28        Data-  28GB
  • JIO MRP 499 plan      VALIDITY (DAYS)-28     Data-  56GB
  • JIO MRP 999 plan       VALIDITY (DAYS)-60    Data-  60GB
  • JIO MRP 1999 plan    VALIDITY (DAYS) -90    Data- 125GB
  • JIO MRP 4999 plan   VALIDITY (DAYS)-  180  Data- 350GB
  • JIO MRP 9999 plan           VALIDITY (DAYS) -360   Data-  750GB

Download postpaid plan pdf

step 1: go to or open my JIO app


step2: Choose JIO prime subscription

You can choose JIO prime subscription for you or you can gift it to someone.

jio prime

step3: pay through, credit, debit card or net banking.


You can pay through your credit, debit card. You can use net banking too. The easiest way is to pay through your credit, debit cards.
There are two ways you can pay using debit, credit card. One is by just typing your card details and one OTP will be generated to the phone number linked to the card.
Another way you can use with ATM pin number.
Upon completion of transaction, You will get a  confirmation message from JIO stating about successful subscription like this-jio subscription

Does it beneficial to subscribe JIO prime?

yes, it is beneficial to subscribe JIO prime. You will not get such a good data offer from any other network provider.


Note: You can get 50 rupees cashback using JIO money app.

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