Summertime Saga Aunt Diane Walkthrough

By | April 5, 2018
(Last Updated On: April 5, 2018)

This game is addictive. All the characters and events in the game make it more interesting. If you have already played previous events and unlocked Aunt Diane house, then welcome to this walkthrough pots. I will give you details of all the events with Summertime saga Aunt Diane.

Aunt Diane has no husband and children. She lives alone in the home. She will be offering small jobs for you, to earn some extra cash by helping Aunt Diane in her household works. You have to help her in cleaning the garden, dumping the garbage, killing pests, selling milk.

Summertime Saga Aunt Diane Guide

Aunt Diane plays a major role in Summertime Saga. She has many events with the main game character. Aunt Diane will ultimately try to make a physical relationship with the boy.


Summertime Saga Aunt Diane Garden

Kill all the bugs and pests and save the vegetables. She will become happy if you kill all the pests and keep her garden clean. She will pay you cash and more.


Summertime Saga Aunt Diane Dinner

The game boy mom will invite Aunt Diane for Dinner. Where mom and Aunt will be praising the boy helping them in works. But, this makes the sister upset. She talks about the matter to mom.

Aunt Diane enjoys the dinner and promises to come back again.


Summertime Saga Aunt Diane Cow

There is an event with Aunt Diane in Summertime Saga milk her cow. This event is one of the last events with Summertime Saga Aunt Diane.

She will ask you to bring milk canister and one whip for her.

Summertime Saga Aunt Diane Bug

The bug in Summertime Saga Aunt Diane event is fixed now. You can play the smoothly without any lag.

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