Summertime Saga Hospital Events

If you are a Summertime Saga player. You might be searching for a guide to help you to assist with new events. There are many events in Summertime Saga. I have written most of the Summertime Saga event guides to make it easy for you. In this post, I will share with you all the events in the hospital.

The hospital events start when the game main character is beaten by Roxxy’s boyfriend. Then the boy got admitted to the hospital and a new story unfolds.


summertime saga hospital events

Summertime Saga Hospital Keys

Hospital Keys are in the receptionist area. To get the keys, make a fake call from 2nd floor and call her up. Then, you sneak into the receptionist area and take away the hospital keys.


Summertime Saga Hospital Access Card

Summertime Saga Hospital Access Card is with the Old lady. You can get that access card from the old lady only when you agree to make a physical relationship with her.


Summertime Saga Hospital Receptionist

An old lady is present as Receptionist. That old lady is horny and she will be abusing the game boy.  You have to make her fool by making a false call from the second floor.

As the rushes to the second floor, you sneak into the receptionist area and pick up the keys.


Summertime Saga Hospital Bug

The Summertime Saga Hospital Bug is now fixed. Now, you can access all the events smoothly.

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