Summertime Saga Judith Events | Summertime Saga Judith Walkthrough | Summertime Saga Judith Guide

Summertime Saga Judith Events
(Last Updated On: August 4, 2018)

Here are the detailed Summertime Saga Judith Events. All you need to know about her,  why she is shy and hides away from other.

As the story goes Judith has bigger boobs which are sensitive that’s why she avoids wearing a bra. But, this makes her friends annoyed. Her friends think Summertime Saga Judith is showing off her big tits to boys to get more attention. Judith gets humiliated in the washroom and then the main character of the Summertime Saga the Boys comes to confronts her friends.

Summertime Saga Judith Walkthrough

This makes Judith more confident to the main character the boy and after that, the game gets unlocked with many plays with Judith. You can go to the Girl washroom which is under construction and the events with Judith ends there.

Summertime Saga Judith Pants Down

Summertime Saga Judith Pants Down

Both Judith and game main boy character were caught in the boy’s washroom by the school sister. They were forced to take off their clothes in front of her as the class is about to start.

As always, more fun with Summertime Saga.

Summertime Saga Judith Text

You will get a text from Judith about her location. You will have to click on the mobile icon to read Summertime Saga Judith Text. ———–”I am in Washroom”

Summertime Saga Judith Washroom

Summertime Saga Judith Events

When you reach washroom, all the Summertime Saga Judith events end.  You will be able to kiss her and many other plays will get unlocked.

Summertime Saga Judith Events | Summertime Saga Judith Walkthrough | Summertime Saga Judith Guide

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