Summertime Saga Mia Events

Summertime Saga Mia Quest | Walkthrough | Guide | Events

Summertime Saga Mia Quest | Summertime Saga Mia Walkthrough | Summertime Saga Mia Guide | Summertime Saga Mia Events

You can study with Mia in Summertime Saga Game. keep in mind that to go to her room, you need to first finish your homework. After you finish your Homework using French Grammer Volume 1 and 2, you will be able to study with Summertime Saga Mia at night.

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When to go to her room?

You should go to her room at night.

Summertime Saga Mia Quest | Walkthrough | Guide | Events

Study with summertime Saga Mia at night.

Summertime Saga Mia Guide

Sneak into Mia room at night while Mia’s father and mother are watching TV.

Summertime Saga Mia Quest

Summertime Saga Mia Quest | Walkthrough | Guide | Events

Sex with Summertime Saga Mia while studying in her room. You should ask her for studying together and she will undress her clothes.

Summertime Saga Mia Events

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Summertime Saga Mia Teddy Bear

In Mia’s room, there is a Teddy Bear which smells like Mia. It is because she uses the Teddy Bear to hump on it.

Summertime Saga Mia Dad Donut

There is a unique combination of Donut that Mia’s father likes. You need to find that unique combination of Donut for him. After you give him the delicious donut we will start liking you. He would allow you to go on date with Mia.

Summertime Saga Mia’s Mom

Mia’s mother is religious and she is very strict with her daughter. She will not allow you to study with Mia, but you need to convince her that you are good and you want to harm their family.

Summertime Saga Mia Key

There is a Key in Mia’s house will allow you to open the door. Mia’s mother will lock Mia in a room and you will need to find her. This key will help you to unlock her from the room.

Summertime Saga Mia Date

After you settle all the conflicts in Mia’s family. Mia’s mom and dad will reunite and which will open doors for you to go on a date with Mia.

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Final Thoughts on Summertime Saga Mia Quest | Walkthrough | Guide | Events

Keep in mind that some events with Summertime Saga Mia are totally depended on Your make of choices. You can either make a relation with Mia or her mother Helen.

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