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Summertime Saga Mom Debbie Events

A lot of Events with mom in summertime saga game. She is one of the important characters of the game. She becomes desperate for physical relation after losing her husband. She constantly tries to get attention from her son.

It’s all starts with fetishism and ends with entangled relationships.

Summertime Saga Helping Mom washing clothes

The boy helps his mom to wash clothes. He picks up the clothes to wash in the washing machine. There happens an interesting event where mom keeps staring at his body as he picks up the clothes.


Summertime Saga Mom Lotion

apply lotion on debbie in summertime saga

In summertime saga game, there is a quest in which the boy applies lotion to mom Debbie(on PC version by default name is Debbie which you can change as per your wish).

Mom asks for helping her in the basement, she complains of pain in her thigh region and asks the boy to apply lotion on her thigh.

The boy( i have named him as Gamerboy) hurries to mom’s living room and brings the lotion from the drawer.

Where is the lotion can be found in summertime saga game?

The lotion can be found in the drawer alongside mom’s bras.


Summertime Saga Dating Mom Event

ummertime saga with mom in the car

Mom asks the boy to choose a necklace for her. Which she describes as a practice for dating a girl. As boy has not dated any girl before Mom agrees to give him tips on dating a girl.

They go on a ride to the new store opened in the shopping mall to buy gifts. Where they also have their first kiss.


Summertime Saga Mom Kissing

kissing mom in summertime saga game


Summertime Saga Mom Vanity Plate

Mom asks the boy to check her car. He lifts the hood and discovers that the engine is hammered at many places. Then he tells about the condition of the car to his mom. Mom tells him to go to the car dealer and talks about the insurance.

The boy goes to the car dealer and a girl who seems to be not loving her job is busy on her phone. Then he asks her about the insurance and in reply comes to know that they have not paid all the money and it is $9000 that seems to be due to the bank.

The boy needs to convince her. The buying option of the car is under construction in 15.3 updated version of the summertime saga.


Summertime Saga Mom Shower

The bathroom door is open and someone bathing in the shower. It may the sister(Jannie) or mom(Debbie). There are more than 10s of events in summertime saga in the bathroom with sister and the mom.


Summertime Saga noises from Mom room

The boy hears some noises coming from Mom Debbie room in the game. He peeps through the open door and found his mother masturbating on her bed.


Summertime Saga watching movie with Mom Debbie

watching movie with mom debbie in summertime saga

Mom and son together watching a movie. Debbie wants to watch a romantic movie and the boy(Gamerboy) wants to watch an action movie.

They come to a point to watch a romantic movie together on the first day and action movie later on.

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