Summertime Saga Mrs Johnson Quest

If you have read my previous full walkthrough article on Summertime Saga game, you probably who is Mrs. Johnson. She is a neighbor to the main character of the game. She is Erik’s mother and Erik is a school friend of the main character.

Mrs. Johnson a loving lady with a superb physique. The main character always gets lured by her curvy figure. He gazes her through the window and sometimes with the help of a telescope. One day he even gets caught by his sister while watching Mrs. Johnson.

Summertime Saga Mrs. Johnson Quest

There is not that must story with Mrs. Johnson. The main character meets her in her house when he goes to her house to meet Erik.

One day he discovers her naked. In another incident, they all join a card game where they challenge each other like to become naked if someone losses.

There is also a part where Mrs. Johnson teaches the boys how to have physical relation with girls. She teaches them with many s** positions. The breastfeeding quest also can be activated and you have some fun with Mrs. Johnson.


Summertime Saga Mrs. Johnson Yoga

Mrs. Johnson loves being fit. She joins a yoga class in the evening. The main character meets her in the yoga class. He praises about her body and how fit she is.

There is also a long story in the yoga class with the yoga teacher. She discovers new positions for exercise.


Summertime Saga Mrs. Johnson Breast Feeding

Mrs. Johnson breastfeeds Erik so that he can become more comfortable with girls. Erik is a shy guy spends most of his time on his computer playing video games.

The main character one night suddenly discovers Mrs. Johnson breastfeeding Erik through the window. Then he talks about the matter to Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Johnson requests him not to talk to Erik about breastfeeding. Then agrees and moves back home.


There are many small quests with Mrs. Johnson in Summertime Saga which will be updated later on here.



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