Summertime Saga sister Angelica Quest

Summertime Saga sister Angelica and Helen have many parts in the game. If you have reached at this level where you unlocked the church. You are ready to proceed with the ritual or ceremony whatever you call it. As in the summertime saga game, it is shown Halen is too religious and sister Angelica takes the advantage of it.

Summertime Saga sister Angelica Quest: In the Church

In the church, Halen and Sister Angelica with the main boy.

Sister Angelica will try to help Halen from bad forces. Sister Angelica will let Halen have a intercourse as a part of the ritual. At this time you will have the option to either Sister Angelica to let do this thing or you take the charge of helping Halen from bad forces. Keep in mind that your choice will affect the further game.

The events with Sister Angelica in the summertime saga game is not that much. But, there some small events with her in the church.

In future updates from the game, more events and quests are coming to the game. Keep looking for the new updates.




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