Summertime Saga Sister Quest | Walkthrough | Event

Summertime Saga Sister quest | event | walkthrough – Exchanging Panties for cash

To keep on training, you need more panties to collect. Get panties from the sister exchanging with cash in the Summertime Saga game. Here is the Summertime Saga Sister quest.

You need to get trained from the monk to get progress in the game. The monk will ask you for panties in exchange for panties. Go to sister and make a deal with her about the panties. She may ask something in return. She will ask for sex toys for her cam show. You will find them in the mall. Buy for her and she will give you the panties.

Remember to finish first all the tasks with the trainer.

Summertime Saga Sister event

Summertime Saga Sister Password

How to get the password of sister computer?

Sneak into her room when she goes for a shower and you will see a diary lying on her bed. Open that diary to find out the password.

I have made it simple for you by giving you the password. It is ”BAD(space)MONSTER”. Don’t forget about the space after BAD.

Summertime Saga Sister Password

When to unlock the sister computer?

To get the computer of the sister unlocked in the Summertime Saga game, you need to sneak through her room at night. If you try to unlock her computer at daytime, you will get caught by her.

Summertime Saga Sister quest: Subscription Number and Password for the pink channel

To watch the pink channel at night. You need the password. The password can be found in an email in the sister computer.

Go to her room at night and open the computer and look for the email to find the password for the pink channel in the Summertime Saga game.

To make it simple I have shared the Subscription Number and password with you. Subscription Number is ”L6bv12R” and Password is ”1234”.

summertime saga pink channel password

Summertime Saga Sister quest: Pink channel Event

You can go and watch the pink channel at night as you have got the Subscriber Number and password for the pink channel. While watching the pink channel there is an event with the Sister. You gonna love it.

Summertime Saga Sister quest 1

Summertime Saga Sister quest: Sneaking into her bed

You can sneak into her bed at night time. Just enter the room and click on the bed to get this option.

You can sleep with her cuddle her and more. This will get unlocked after you finish previous tasks.

Summertime Saga Sister walkthrough

Summertime Sister Quest: Look through telescope Mr. Johnson playing with her private parts

This screen/part/story will unlock when your sister will catch you looking through the telescope to Mr. Johnson’s bedroom. She will suddenly come and open the door and will catch red-handed.

Sister’s private parts become visible as she leans for the telescope for looking through the window. The boy will ask for……..

After this incident, there is some………going between sister and the boy.

Summertime Saga Sister quest | Summertime Saga Sister event | Summertime Saga Sister walkthrough

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