11 Best WordPress AdSense plugins for your blog | AdSense WordPress

WordPress AdSense plugin

How do you monetize your blog; Through ads, affiliate links or sponsorships? Most of us start with visual advertisements which are based on CPM, CPC etc. This post is about top 10 WordPress plugins for Adsense ads. Though I have mentioned about the word Adsense here, use can potentially use these plugins for any visual advertising company let … Read more

How to create a simple quiz in WordPress[without plugin]?

how to create a quiz in wordpress

Hello, guys this will be a short post on How to create a quiz in WordPress without using any plugins. A quiz combines the following shortcodes: [[quiz] [/quiz]]  This triggers the overall Quiz shortcode. [[question] [/question]] This code indicates the question being asked. [[answer] [/answer]] This code indicates a correct answer. You can use as … Read more

How to add video audio files in WordPress without plugins?

The beautiful thing about wp is that with the help of a plugin you can do anything on wp. This is why more than 25{7dc6b57109584f6cf0f32ef1db2aa5bf48c0513368087ca0c8f505f7f173c803} of the websites are run on wp. In the recent versions of the wp and lot has changed and many functions have been included. It is very easy now to add … Read more

How to insert a YouTube video in post without using a plugin?

Insert YouTube videos in posts and sidebar without using any extra plugin which means an increase in your site load time. Plugins do increases site load time, it is always advised not to install too many plugins instead install a few which are more important for your blog. A plugin does the things very easily, so it is … Read more

How to build a slider using SiteOrigin page builder plugin?

page builder

do you know what a slider is?


you might have seen in some websites a power point presentation like slides moving or fading . A slider widget in wordpress site can easily do that effect. You have to create some slides and have to adjust them for the slider. A website with slider looks very professional. There are many themes which have inbuilt slider(meta slider) which may help you to build a slider. Even with help of some wordpress plugin you can build a slider. If you want to integrate  meta  slider in your theme read this external article

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