WordPress.com vs WordPress.org | Which one is better?

Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

Though the both WordPress.com and WordPress.org are same CMS. But,  there are lots of difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org. WordPress.com and WordPress.org are different from each other on the background of functionalities, customization freedom and price.  Both platforms come with a dashboard to customize your site and do everything that you need to create contents for your … Read more

Cloudways Review | cloudways vs siteground | cloudways vs digitalocean | cloudways vs WP Engine | cloudways vs serverpilot

Cloudways Review

what is Cloudways? Here is an excerpt from the cloudways site. It tells about what is cloudways and what it does? Now, Let me make it simple for you. Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform. Managed means everything managed, all technical thing is configured. You don’t have to worry about hosting your site on cloud host. … Read more

How to install WordPress in cPanel?

WordPress is the most popular CMS available for building websites. I have used other CMS like Joomla, Wix, Magento but, none of them comparable to WordPress. The simplicity and specifications wordpress can provide to a user unbeatable. Due to its popularity users always prefer WordPress for their blogs, websites, online stores. That is why web … Read more