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That YouTube Family

THAT YOUTUBE FAMILY: YouTube Channel WiKi Central hub channel for a family of vloggers with the kids of the family also creating their own channels called AllAroundAudrey, JustJordan33 and Jake and Ty. If you go through the about section of their YouTube channel, you will find the following introduction to this amazing YouTube family. Audrey The … Read more

Top 10 YouTube cooking channels in Hindi/Urdu

top 10 youtube cooking channels in hindi

YouTube is at the height of its popularity due to increase in the internet speed and affordable data services. In India, YouTube engagement has grown many folds recently. One which has reflected in the acceleration of subscriber numbers in YouTube channels in Hindi, Tamil, Bengali language. Many tech channels are complaining that it is difficult to … Read more

How to get free stuff for YouTube review videos?

alibaba influence marketing

Now get free stuff from e-commerce giant Alibaba through Alibaba KOL platform. Alibaba has recently tied up with brands to provide free products to YouTube influencers. Note: You need at least 5000 subscribers to be eligible to participate. Alibaba influence marketing: Three  steps to get free stuff for video review for a youtube channel Click on the … Read more

How to insert a YouTube video in post without using a plugin?

Insert YouTube videos in posts and sidebar without using any extra plugin which means an increase in your site load time. Plugins do increases site load time, it is always advised not to install too many plugins instead install a few which are more important for your blog. A plugin does the things very easily, so it is … Read more

Top YouTube ads that people chosen to watch for April 2017

top YouTube ads that people chose to watch for April 2017

YouTube Ads Leaderboard: April 2017 The YouTube Ads Leaderboard showcases the top ads that people choose to watch each month and April’s results are in. Congrats to Oreo and its agencies, Weber Shandwick and Carat USA, for taking the top spot. Ads are determined by an algorithm that factors in organic and paid views, watch time … Read more

10 ways to monetize YouTube videos without AdSense

10 ways to monetize youtube videos without adsense

YouTube is no doubt the most popular search engine after google. And the total hours of video watched on YouTube each month is nearly 3.25 billion. That means a lot of users are there who loves video content over text content. It’s a huge opportunity for us to take YouTube seriously and make a lot of money … Read more

How to create a new YouTube channel with 3 easy steps

create a youtube channel quickly

Creating a YouTube is very easy, we just need some clicks. With the growth of internet speed now India’s mobile viewership has also grown to 180 million according to the hind business line. There is a lot of potentials for Indian YouTubers to grow fast. For that, you first need a Youtube channel to upload contents. This … Read more

YouTube Update:No more monetization for small YouTubers

no more monetization for small youtubers

No more monetization! WTF! Yes, you heard it right YouTube has withdrawn the monetization feature for small YouTubers. You need at least 10,000-lifetime views to join YoTube partner program. Channels which are with less than 10K views monetization has been disabled. Below is an excerpt from the google blog. Starting today, we will no longer serve ads … Read more

How to download YouTube videos on mobile phone, windows PC?

download youtube videos to mobile or pc

Are you facing problem in downloading your favorite YouTube videos on a mobile phone? These simple easy tricks will help you to download easily and save for later watching. Download from Official YouTube app YouTube has added the download buttons to certain videos for easy offline watching. But this feature is not available for all videos especially popular videos … Read more

How much does a YouTuber with 1 million subscribers earn in a year?

piewdipie house

Do you know which is the most subscribed individual YouTube channel? Yes, you are right Pewdiepie is the most subscribed individual YouTube channel and he has made a lot of money through YouTube.   But, this post is not about him, I have seen many curious minds asking in Quora about How much does a YouTuber … Read more

What to do when your YouTube account suspended as an error?

youtube account suspension review

YouTube account got suspended There are many reasons why a YouTube account gets suspended. more than three copyright strikes. community guidelines violation sometimes YouTube account also get suspended due to error from YouTube side. In case you feel like your contents were genuine and your own content and think it is an error from YouTube. Then, You can request Google … Read more