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How Call Tracking Works and Its Benefits

It’s natural for businesses to look for ways to enhance its operations, especially in today’s growing digital market where competition is always ripe for improvements. One of the many ways companies are looking to give themselves a competitive edge is through call tracking which allows businesses to track various aspects of call data in order… Read More »

Tweakbox alternative for non jailbroken devices 2018

Tweakbox is the popular app to download premium iOS apps for free without jailbreak. Tweakbox lets you download apps like Spotify plus, Netflix premium or any paid games. I have come up with top tweakbox alternative apps for non-jailbreak iOS devices. These are third-party apps which may change their terms and conditions time to time. Your… Read More »

How much does Mediavine Pay?

If you are a blogger, you might have faced this problem- Low earnings from your blog. It sucks! when RPM goes down to $2 to $3. Essentially it becomes important to look for a new advertising partner. As a blogger, I have faced it too. I run numerous blogs from Tech to food niche, though… Read More »

Download Exam Warriors by Narendra Modi

A book by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for students to tackle exams. The exam warriors pdf book will help you to prepare for the exam. Students get frustrated during exam time due to pressure. They find it difficult to finish their syllabus. With the help of certain techniques, Books can be read fast and remembered well.… Read More »

Do you fly drones? You should know DGCA guidelines for drones in India

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has come up with draft regulations on civil use of drones which will also enable commercial use of drones for tasks like photography, doorstep delivery and even passenger transport, Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju announced on 1 November. Also Read:  Millions of Instagram accounts were hacked DGCA… Read More »

Millions of Instagram accounts were hacked

Millions of Instagram accounts were hacked through a bug in the API. Initially, it was said by Instagram August 30 that it is only the celebrity accounts which were hacked. But, later it was confirmed that normal accounts were also hacked and got accessed to the email and phone number. Though the hacker could not fetch the passwords… Read More »