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That YouTube Family
(Last Updated On: February 23, 2019)


Central hub channel for a family of vloggers with the kids of the family also creating their own channels called AllAroundAudrey, JustJordan33 and Jake and Ty.

If you go through the about section of their YouTube channel, you will find the following introduction to this amazing YouTube family.

Welcome to that YouTub3 Family! We are a fun, crazy, and loving family that likes to do outrageous things together. Our kids also have their own personal channels so be sure to check them out. Here you will find funny vlogs, crazy behind the scenes footage of our children’s videos and hilarious challenges. Be sure to watch every day!



The oldest sibling and Popular content creator on YouTube whose channel AllAroundAudrey is filled with beauty videos, challenges, reviews and more. She has earned over 550,000 subscribers to her channel. She is also part of the family channel That YouTub3 Family.



Audrey’s sister Jordan has a YouTube channel called JustJordan33, and her younger brothers share a channel called Jake and Ty. The whole family, including her parents, are featured on the channel That YouTub3 Family

Jacob and Tyler

Jackob and Tyler

Jake and Ty is the personal channel of brothers Jacob and Tyler who are also featured alongside the rest of their family on the channel That YouTub3 Family. They’d earn 180,000 subscribers with challenge, comedy and other sorts of fun videos.

Their video “Ultimate Bottle Flip Challenge” was their first to hit 2 million views with videos such as “Bubble Gum Blowing Contest! and “Are You Smarter Than A Kindergartner” also surpassing the 1 million view mark.

”That YouTube Family” Ages

Audrey is 18, Jordan is 15, Jacob is 12 and Tyler is 8 years old. The Sibling Tag video will tell you about every question that you want to know the ages, likes and dislikes, hobby, nicknames….

Where does ”That YouTube Family” live?

All we know is they live in Utah.

”That YouTube Family” YouTube Money and Subscribers.

ESTIMATED YEARLY EARNINGS is $139.1K – $2.2M according to SocialBlade.

Subscribers of this channel are at present is more than a million.

That YouTube Family hello neighbor

That YouTube Family pranks

That YouTube Family Sardines | Hide and Seek

Here is one of the Sardine Video of “That YouTube Family”.

That YouTube Family 3 am

There are the series of videos, That YouTube Family has shot waking up at 3 AM doing different tasks such as plying sardines and hello neighbor, geocaching.

some of those 3 am videos are—

Sardines at Night-Hide and Seek

Spinning 6 fidget spinners

That YouTube Family Minecraft

Here is the playlist to That YouTube Family Minecraft Videos.

Thoughts on this Channel:

”That YouTube Channel” is undoubtedly a fun loving channel which showcases a family life with games and pranks. You would love to see these amazing kids with extraordinary talents to attract viewers.

I have been following them for more than a year, their every video entertains me with more enthusiasm.




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