The Ultimate List Of The Best SEO Keyword Rank Checkers

The Ultimate List Of The Best SEO Keyword Rank Checkers
(Last Updated On: February 14, 2019)

The Ultimate List Of The Best SEO Keyword Rank Checkers

One effective way to ensure an SEO campaign’s success is by keeping track of its progress from start to finish. With the way Google and other search engines are changing their algorithms, it is increasingly becoming important to stay on top of your digital marketing campaigns. And in such a competitive online world, it’s essential to ensure all of your marketing efforts are working. After all, communication with your potential and existing customers is critical to sustaining your business.


In Search Engine Optimization, one ranking factor that is given top priority is keyword research. How do you make sure that your site is targetting the correct and effective keywords? Thankfully, there are tools and software made available to help you do just that. Read ahead to find out the best SEO Keyword Rank Checkers.


Why do you need to monitor how your keywords are doing?

Monitoring how your keywords are doing is so vital. It can’t be said enough. Tracking shows you which keywords are consistently yielding results and which ones are not. This allows you to proactively use effective keywords and integrating them into your content, as well as getting rid of the ones who are not really doing much. Furthermore, you’ll be able to determine, if you’re lucky, which keywords are currently trending in your niche. Tracking how your keywords rank is an excellent way to be productive with your SEO campaigns. This can actively boost your site’s ranking and move your rank to page 1.


Why should you use keyword tracking tools?

Tracking your keyword rank manually is such an extensive job. So if you use a good keyword tracking tool, you can spend less time actually tracking how your keywords are ranking and spend more time analyzing the results to make better and faster decisions about the direction of your SEO strategies. And to help you choose which keyword checkers to get, we’ve made the ultimate list of the best SEO Keyword trackers out there.


  1. SEO Profiler

On top of our list is SEO Profiler. Why? Not only does it track your keyword rank, but it also offers you complete SEO solutions. It’s a full-featured SEO tool that allows you to track every vital part of your SEO campaigns and more. It’s also user-friendly and can be integrated with your own Google Analytics account for easier access to the most valuable information about your SEO strategies.


  1. Dyno Mapper

Dyno Mapper is for the more advanced SEO experts. It is one of the most brilliant and comprehensive SEO tools currently out there. The only reason it’s not our number one is that it is a bit more complicated to use. Dyno Mapper, unlike any other SEO software, allows you to virtually see and check your own page’s SEO “health.” It will automatically pull any keywords in the meta of your site and helps you to track the phrases individually by search engine or location.


  1. SEM Rush

Another software that comes in an all-in-one digital marketing toolkit is SEM Rush. SEO professionals have always preferred this software as it comes highly recommended. If SEO Profiler is easy to use, you’ll find SEM Rush a walk in the park. SEM Rush uses a search bar that allows you to search and know the ranking of a site on search engines. Once you have the results, you’ll be able to compare how other competitors rank by choosing a keyword.



Picking the right keywords to target is an essential element of SEO. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for you to check your Google keyword ranking for target keywords. Never make the mistake of continuing an SEO campaign without having the correct keywords. Keep track of your keywords and continue with your other SEO strategies like link building, anchor texts, and other methods to balance your digital marketing campaign’s success.

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