Top 10 YouTube cooking channels in Hindi/Urdu

YouTube is at the height of its popularity due to increase in the internet speed and affordable data services. In India, YouTube engagement has grown many folds recently. One which has reflected in the acceleration of subscriber numbers in YouTube channels in Hindi, Tamil, Bengali language. Many tech channels are complaining that it is difficult to gain subscribers in an English channel than a Hindi channel. Channels like c4etech which use to create English tech videos now started in regional language. Same with Geekyranjit who recently started his Hindi tech channel.

It is no doubt there is a vast number of  Hindi speaking audience which is the main reason for high growth in Hindi YouTube channels. Our curious minds were questioning what about cooking channels. Indian people love foods, there may be definitely some big YouTube channels who are making cooking videos in Hindi and have grown big.  We have researched through YouTube and collected the names of top cooking channels in Hindi and Urdu languages. Here is the list of top cooking channels with estimated earnings. (The estimated earnings in actual earning may differ, we have collected the data from socialblade).

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top 10 youtube cooking channels in hindi

Nisha Madhulika

She kicked off her youtube channel in 2009 and uploaded more than thousands of videos. Just on the basis of her YouTube views, she probably earns more than the men in her house (she has two sons 36 and 34 years old, who are tech entrepreneurs). Her husband would leave for office at 9 am, so they had to shoot the video before that, which meant that she would wake up early and keep everything organized. Now, A team of five people has replaced her husband and sons, who had helped her set up her videos and blog. When she is not shooting, she is experimenting, reading, and preparing. Kudos to this 58 years old women for chasing her passion!

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Subscribers: 2.4 million plus

Estimated Earnings: $102.2K/year

Country: India


Kabita’s Kitchen

Kabita Singh the proud mind behind Kabita’s Kitchen in a food vlogger and proud mommy. Singh recently crossed 1 million subscribers and she was also a part of the YouTube FanFest in Mumbai in 2017. From starting her own blog to the becoming a culinary sensation. It is challenging to run a youtube channel being a mother of kid and she has to look after everything. Her husband is very supportive which makes it possible for her to keep up with both work and personal life. Thanks to her husband. Now, I can say behind every successful woman there is a man too.

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Subscribers: 1.6 million plus

Estimated Earnings: $57k/year

Country: India


Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

Sanjeev Kapoor is an Indian celebrity chef, entrepreneur writer and television personality. Kapoor stars in the TV show Khana Khazana, which is the longest-running show of its kind in Asia; it broadcasts in 120 countries and in 2010 had more than 500 million viewers. He also launched his own Food Food channel, in January 2011. Besides these, he has also judged in India’s biggest cooking show ”MasterChef India”.

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Subscribers: 1.6 million plus

Estimated Earnings: $48.4K/year

Country: India



Rajshri Food

Started in 2011 the channel is going to hit one million subscribers soon. The channel has got more than 180 million views on their 840 food videos. This channel is a part of the network of channels where Rajshri is the network name. If you want to learn cooking some Indian foods, you should definitely check the channel.

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Subscribers: 0.9 million plus

Estimated Earnings: $28.1K/year

Country: India



FoodFood channel is owned by Sanjeev Kapoor who is an Indian celebrity chef, entrepreneur writer and television personality. They too have a TV channel with the name FoodFood. This channel teaches dishes from around the worlds.

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Subscribers: 600k plus

Estimated Earnings: $11.3K/year

Country: India



Channel showing how to cook by a woman called Fazia and the youtube channel was created in 2012 though it was not active then. Uploaded around 1000 videos till date. Her channel just doesn’t end at Pakistani or Indian style dishes, this channel is full of food choices from healthy seafood dinner, breakfast,  to Chinese food, how to make Arabic food, easy snacks, best milkshakes, easy smoothie recipes, frappuccino, water beverage, healthy frozen desserts, simple cakes to bake.

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Subscribers: 500k plus

Estimated Earnings: $9.4K /year

Country: Pakistan


Kitchen with Amna

Amna started her channel in Jun 2016 and the channel is growing big now. Uploaded more than 300 videos and got more than 50 million hits. She shows how to cook Pakistani, Indian style dishes, Chinese cuisine, Arabic cuisine, American snacks, milkshakes, smoothies, beverages, desserts, cakes, and much more.

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Subscribers: 380k plus

Estimated Earnings: $20.7K/year

Country: Pakistan


Huma in the kitchen

A channel with Nearly 50 million views and more than 4lakhs subscribers. More than 150 videos were uploaded till date and the channel was started in 2015. This Pakistani woman is champ of cooking Indian and Pakistani foods. Huma has her own style of cooking makes her different from other Pakistani cooking channels.

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Subscribers: 430k plus

Estimated Earnings: $15.5K

Country: Pakistan


My Kitchen My Dish

A youtube channel by a lady on how to cook recipes. She is from India cooks different dishes. Her channel has got more than 40 million YouTube views. Started in January 2016 and uploaded more than 150 videos. Though her name was not found, this lady is really good at what she does. Her tasty recipes can make your mouth to start watering.

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Subscribers: 300k plus

Estimated Earnings: $12.2K/year

Country: India


India Food Network

The channel was started in 2012 and the channel has crossed 50 million views on YouTube. This channel was not active for years and it slowed down the growth. But they started it again and now making more videos for food lovers. Consistency is the secret to YouTube success which would have found out. Love for this channel for awesome food recipes. You should check this Youtube cooking channel in Hindi.

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Subscribers: 200k plus

Estimated Earnings: $4.5K

Country: India

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Summary on Top cooking channels in Hindi

If we look closer we will find most of the cooking channels are occupied by a female YouTubers whereas Tech channels are occupied by male YouTubers. Though there are some exceptions the number is a handful. In future, there will be more food channels and most probably more regional language channels will be seen. Food photography, traveling for food is the new niches where many YouTubers are now attracted. Food vloggers like Mark Wines and Trevor James are creating big space in the traveling for food.




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