Top 25 Must-Read Cloud Computing Blogs

Whether you use AWS or Google Cloud Platform, a hybrid environment or private cloud, you can find the perfect blog in our list of the Top 25 Cloud Computing Blogs.

Cloud technology is evolving at rapid-fire speed, as evidenced by the investments behind the industry. Worldwide spending on cloud services is projected to grow from $70B in 2015 to an estimated $141B in 2019.

With all this skyrocketing growth, how do you stay up-to-date on the latest, most important cloud news? We scoured the web for the best cloud computing blogs out there, from the top industry experts to lesser-known but equally valuable voices.

Top 25 Must-Read Cloud Computing Blogs

1. Infoworld — Cloud Computing

Infoworld’s outstanding cloud computing blog is written by David Linthicum, a consultant at Cloud Technology Partners and a sought-after industry expert and thought leader. His Infoworld blog is exclusively devoted to cloud computing and updated frequently. David’s recent blog ‘Featuritis’ Could Lead You to the Wrong Cloud recommends that enterprises concentrate on strategy and not features when making cloud service choices.

2. All Things Distributed

All Things Distributed is written by the world-famous Amazon CTO Werner Vogels. His blog is a must-read for anyone who uses AWS. He publishes sophisticated posts about specific AWS services and keeps his readers up-to-date on the latest AWS news. Recent blog posts include: Accelerating Data: Faster and More Scalable ElastiCache for Redis and New Ways to Discover and Use Alexa Skills.

3. Cloud Tech

CloudTech is a leading blog and news site that is dedicated to cloud computing strategy and technology. With authors including IBM’s Sebastian Krause, Cloudonomics author Joe Weinman, and Ian Moyse from the Cloud Industry Forum, CloudTech has hundreds of blogs about numerous cloud-related topics and reaches over 320,000 cloud computing professionals. A recent post How the Financial Services Industry Is Slowly Waking Up to Cloud Computing by Rahul Singh of HCL Technologies provides an interesting analysis of how banks can overcome the barriers to cloud migration.

4. THINKstrategies

The innovative THINKstrategies blog is written by Jeff Kaplan, who is its Managing Director. A leading expert in cloud computing, Jeff is a frequent guest blogger and keynote speaker on SaaS, managed services, and IOT. In a recent post, Deconstructing the Software Business, Jeff analyzes the effect of cloud computing and SaaS on major industry players.

5. Diversity Limited

The Diversity Limited blog is written by Ben Kepes, who is a technology evangelist, investor, commentator, and business advisor. The blog provides a great analysis of all the latest cloud-related tech news and commentary on newly released business software. Despite being a one-man show, the blog includes hundreds of articles and is sometimes updated a few times a day. Recent posts include: Oracle Delivers Document Signing — a Big Win for HelloSign and The Worst-Kept Secret Ever: Facebook Launches Workplace, SADA a Launch Partner.

6. Compare the Cloud

Compare the Cloud is one of the most active and extensive cloud blogs available. Its posts are from numerous writers from across the cloud industry. The blog itself reaches more than 12 million cloud technology consumers. One of the blog’s latest posts Cloud Computing: A Revolutionary Concept or Overhyped Trend? discusses the origins of cloud computing, and was written by Dan Radak, an expert in web hosting security.

7. Cloud Chronicles

Cloud Chronicles, which appears on IDG’s Network World blog section, is written by Brandon Butler, who is a Senior Editor. Cloud Chronicles discusses major technological developments, deployments, and innovations related to the cloud. In an especially interesting post, Which Is Cheaper: Containers or Virtual Machines? Brandon discusses how application containers fit into the enterprise technology landscape and compare them to virtual machines.

8. Cloud Pundit

Cloud Pundit is the blog of Lydia Leong, who covers cloud computing for Gartner as a Distinguished Analyst. This in-depth blog often discusses the findings and opinions that Lydia generates from her professional analyses, and is updated approximately once a month. Oracle’s Next-Gen Cloud IaaS Offering is one of Lydia’s latest posts and discusses Oracle’s highly anticipated Infrastructure as a Service.

9. Cloudscaling

The highly insightful Cloudscaling blog is written by Randy Bias, who is the VP Technology at Dell EMC and a Director at the OpenStack Foundation. The Cloudscaling blog publishes a new post approximately once per month, and deals with various aspects of cloud computing, from technical details to industry events. In a fascinating recent entry, The History of Pets vs. Cattle and How to Use the Analogy Properly, Randy explains how he became the instigator of the pets vs. cattle cloud meme and aims to set the record straight about its history and proper usage.

10. Cloud Musings

Kevin Jackson is a renowned thought leader, speaker, and consultant for cloud-related technologies and business strategies. Kevin’s blog discusses issues related to cloud computing and cyber security, and includes news on product launches, acquisition, and conferences. In a recent post, #KnowYourData: The Key to Business, Kevin writes about the Trusted Analytics Platform (TAP), an open source project that Intel developed to make it easier and less expensive for developers to deploy custom analytics solutions in the cloud.

11. Rickscloud

Rickscloud is one of the Internet’s most popular sources for cloud industry information. It is written by Rick Blaisdell, who is the CTO of Motus LLC, which deals in cloud computing integration, information systems, and IT services. He updates his blog every few days and covers numerous cloud related topics such as adoption, best practices, security, and trends. Recent posts include: From Cloud Computing to Fog Computing and Running Wild – ERP Systems in the Cloud!

12. AWS Blog – Jeff Barr

There are actually numerous Amazon Web Services blogs according to region and technology, but the main blog is run by Jeff Barr, who is the Chief Evangelist for AWS. Jeff is an amazingly prolific writer, and his blog has hundreds of articles. Jeff’s posts include everything from industry news and events to technical descriptions on how to make the most of AWS. Whether you are an AWS novice or ninja, you should definitely follow Jeff’s blog. Recent posts include: New AWS Quick Starts for Atlassian JIRA Software and Bitbucket Data Center and IPv6 Support Update – CloudFront, WAF, and S3 Transfer Acceleration.

13. CloudTweaks

CloudTweaks is one of the most informative cloud blogs on the Internet. In addition to numerous contributors and a lengthy list of posts, CloudTweaks has various other forms of content, such as statistics, infographics, event announcements, and – you guessed it –cloud comics! If you don’t click on any other links in this post, I strongly recommend you at least check out CloudTweaks’s technology comics, which are both funny and insightful.

14. Cloudcast

The Cloudcast blog is quite unique in the cloud blogosphere because it consists of audio blogs instead of written posts. The podcasts are created by Brian Gracely, a technology expert at RedHat Openshift, a next generation cloud application program, and Aaron Delp, the Director of Solutions at NetApp SolidFire, which creates flash arrays for data centers. One of Cloudcast’s latest podcasts Multi-Cloud Serverless Platform addresses the need for multi-cloud platforms.

15. Microsoft Azure Blog

The Microsoft Azure blog has posts by numerous Azure staffers who are part of the company’s integrated cloud services initiative. This is a highly extensive blog, and contains over 2,500 posts covering product news and features, as well as industry events. Latest posts include Cloud Innovations Empowering IT for Business Transformation and New Security, Performance and ISV Solutions Build on Azure HDInsight’s Leadership to Make Hadoop Enterprise-Ready for the Cloud.

16. Google Cloud Platform Blog

Google Cloud Platform’s blog contains hundreds of articles written by Google cloud experts, and actually dates back to 2008. This vast blog discusses the products, customers, and technical features of Google’s cloud solution, while articles can range from product blurbs to extremely detailed technical explanations. A recent post, Evaluating Cloud SQL Second Generation for Your Mobile Game, describes how Google’s structured query language can be applied to the special needs of game development.

17. Cloud Cruiser

Cloud Cruiser is a great blog, especially for those who are interested in the financial side of hybrid IT. Sometimes corporate blogs are thin on content and heavy on promotion, but Cloud Cruiser’s blog contains truly valuable insights on how to get the most out of your hybrid cloud ecosystem. Recent posts include Cloud Smart in 6 Steps – Don’t Get Out(cloud)smarted and 5 Tips to Minimize Risk and Optimize AWS Reserved Instances.

18. Thoughts on Cloud

IBM’s Thoughts on Cloud blog provides “insights, news, and analysis for the cloud community.” Each blog post is conveniently labeled according to a subcategory, for example, Big Data, Hybrid, and Infrastructure. The blog itself contains approximately 1,700 posts, authored by various cloud technology experts at IBM. Recent posts include: Why Businesses Shouldn’t Settle on a Storage Solution and 3 Ways to Avoid Failure in Application Deployment.

19. Cloud Source

The Cloud Source blog is authored by Christian Verstraete, a Chief Technologist for Cloud at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The Cloud Source blog contains dozens of insightful posts that look at cloud computing challenges, practical approaches, and realistic solutions. In Batch to the Future – Part 1, Christian discusses the potential of cloud applications to go beyond the current conception of them as merely a way to run microservicess.

20. Hyperscale Cloud

Hyperscale Cloud is Ericsson’s blog for the cloud industry. The blog covers numerous cloud computing topics and involves more than 50 contributors, and so is a comprehensive source of frequently-updated information. Two especially insightful posts recently published on this blog are Containers and Removing Barriers to their Adoption and Cloud Lock-In May Not Be What You Think.

21. Paul Miller’s Blog

Paul Miller is a Senior Analyst Serving CIOs at Forrester. His research focus is on the opportunity for digital transformation enabled by cloud-based approaches. Paul’s blog covers various areas of cloud computing, including cloud brokers, cloud storage, machine learning, and open source. His blog comprises synopses of valuable reports and briefs that he has written for Forrester. If you are a CIO or just want to get high-level, well-researched cloud analysis, you should definitely follow Paul Miller. Recent posts include Bespoke Vertical Clouds Become Less Important as Public Clouds Do More and Streaming Data From the Internet of Things Will Be the Big Data World’s Bigger Second Act.

22. Hurwitz & Associates Blog

The blog of the Hurwitz & Associates technology consulting firm is written by a few senior experts at the company, including CEO Judith Hurwitz and Vice President Jean Bozman. The blog is updated a few times each month and focuses on cloud computing, but also contains articles on big data and other topics. Judith recently wrote about IBM’s journey to the cloud in Turning Its Strategy on Its Head: Why IBM Is Leading With Cloud Services while Jean published a piece about data gravity in Data Gravity: Move the Apps to the Data – Not the Other Way ‘Round.

23. Talkin’ Cloud

Some of you may have heard of the Talkin’ Cloud blog as a result of its annual list of top 100 cloud service providers: Talkin’ Cloud 100. What you may not know is that Talkin’ Cloud is also a great resource for news, blogs, slide shares, webcasts, and special reports from across the Internet. If you like what you see when you check out this blog, it’s worth signing up for its weekly e-newsletter. Recent posts include 7 Must-Knows About Disaster Recovery and the Cloud and The 50 Most Influential Women in IoT.

24. BriefingsDirect

If you are looking for in-depth analysis, interviews, and case studies related to enterprise IT transformation, this is the blog (and podcast) for you. In his well-respected blog, Dana Gardner delves into the meatiest topics of cloud computing with hands-on experts from across the industry. In a recent online discussion Dana explored How Propelling Instant Results to the Excel Edge Democratizes Advanced Analytics with HTI Labs CEO Darren Harris and CTO Jonathan Glass. Other recent posts worth checking out include How Always-Available Data Forms the Digital Lifeblood for a University Medical Center and Feedback Loops: The Confluence of DevOps and Big Data.

25. CloudEndure

Last but not least, we’d like to include CloudEndure blog. If you’re interested in cloud-based disaster recovery or cloud migration, this is a great resource for best practices, latest trends, events, books, and more. Every quarter, CloudEndure publishes a comprehensive downtime report of the 100K most-visited websites as well as a list of the Top 9 Outages That Made Headlines. A recent post 5 Experts Predict Cloud Computing Trends for 2017 garnered over 700 shares on LinkedIn – definitely worth checking it out!

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