Top 7 pranks by Google on April fools day

As the internet gets flooded with April Fools’ Day jokes — good or lame — it can be hard to keep track of the ones that are worthy of your attention. Google, in particular, is known for rolling out a ton of different pranks. Most of them are actually pretty fun since they are localized to each Google product or regional team.

Google Nose:

Google Nose can detect any smell and lets you access to the millions of smells stored in  Google database.


Google Treasure Hunt:

An added feature in Google Maps which lets you to find treasures around the world just within a click. After an expedition done by Google found out the hidden treasures map in asia.

Google GNOME:

On this 1st April Google has released a video saying Google GNOME a smart gnome from google which lets you control anything in your home and backyard just by voice command.


Introducing Google Play for Pets:

Google Play for pets which lets your pet busy with games and diffent intrtactive works.


Haptic Helpers:

Haptic Helpers is a Geek Squad-style team that will go to your house and help simulate aromas, tastes, and physical sensations to go along with the manufactured audio and visual stimuli. Because what VR really needs to take off is someone wafting a pungent cheese in your face while you virtually visit Paris or holding a blow drier in front of you while you drive.


Google Bubble Wrap Keyboard:

From the Google Japan team this year, it’s bubble wrap (or Puchi Puchi, in Japanese.) The concept machine lets you push the bubble wrap around for letters you need to form sentences, then feed it through a reader to send your message. Some even have scented air filled in the bubbles so you can smell the sea breeze from Hawaii as you pop each pocket.


Google Wind:

From Google Netherland team, to shoo away clouds from raining on Western Europe’s parade, the local team in The Netherlands unveiled Google Wind, a series of “machine learning” windmills that can blow away cloudy skies for another day.

These pranks are made so realistic that someone possibly could believe in real. Enjoy these April fool videos and don’t forget to comment about your April fools prank.

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