Top Technology Gifts For Boys That Make Great Presents

Top Technology Gifts For Boys That Make Great PresentsTechnology Gifts For Boys

Technology today has progressed to the point that it is now commonly found given as gifts — for both adults and children, girls and boys. In the case of children, technology gifts can help serve as good ways to boost their development and growth. Perhaps you’re wondering about how to proceed with buying technology gifts for your boys when there are so many to choose from? We can help you with that, here are some technology gifts that you may want to consider.


Gifts For Boys: What Technology Gift Should You Get?

technology gifts for a young boyIt’s not uncommon to be a bit overwhelmed when buying gifts, especially if you know that the boy you’re buying for can be a “picky” recipient. Research suggests that picky recipients tend to be so choosy because the chances of them getting what they want are much higher than non-picky recipients. This is also what makes personalized gifts a bit disadvantageous, as while they can express the feelings of the sender, they’re most likely not the kind of gifts the recipients are looking for.

Boys are often said to have a preference for cars, action figures, sports, and a lot of action. However, this “difference” between boys and girls often get blurry when technology gifts are into the mix. After all, tech gifts and toys for 7 year old boys can be just as effective in fostering a good environment for learning as toys for little girls. Here are some toys that ought to do the trick for you:

  • Buy them a portable gaming console or device: Aside from a smartphone or an actual console, another way you can help your child get in touch with their inner gamer is through buying them a portable game console. Nintendo has consoles like the Nintendo Switch and 3DS that have a lot of offerings despite being small and portable devices. Other brands like Atari are about to their relaunch classic game consoles, which can help you introduce your child to the wonderful beginnings of gaming with an authentic console they can fiddle with.
  • Get a remote control robot or vehicle: A lot of boys are fascinated with their toys, especially if they get to control them in real life. Remote controls can give boys a lot of this control, coupled with the kind of mechanics they’d find in a life-sized car or robot. When we say “remote control,” it’s not just a big steering wheel or a clunky joystick either. A lot of robot or vehicle toys, some from big franchises like Star Wars, are also controllable by applications in smartphones. Talk about sophistication!
  • Get them into robotics with robotics kits: If you’ve noticed your child developing an interest in robotics, you can actually buy them programmable robotics kits. LEGO Mindstorms actually has this kind of technology, thanks to their NXT and RCX “engines,” which are “blocks” compatible with special types of software — just requires the installation of different sensors in motors that serve different functions. Combined with LEGOs, your child can make robots that move around and grab things.
  • Smart speakers can get your kids ready for the future: If you’ve ever had a smartphone, you’re likely aware of voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa, Bixby, or even Siri. You can help your boy become more aware of the capabilities of voice assistants by giving them a smart speaker to play with. Toys like the Echo Dot aren’t just speakers, but also assistants they can talk to. Aside from improving their communication skills, Echo Dot and other smart speakers can play their favorite music, or help them interact with the real world. They can ask what the weather’s like or even look up things online.
  • Help them fly with a camera drone: Another way you can help your boy have more fun with technology toys is if you get them a flying drone with a camera. Not all drones have to be extremely sophisticated and expensive either. A lot of entry-level drones can be purchased for much cheaper, although they don’t have high-quality cameras. Still, if you want your child to have a hobby and have fun at the same time, a drone can definitely be the kind of toy for them.
  • Get them a mobile printer or a mobile printing camera: If you’ve never heard of Fujifilm Instax, it’s the camera being touted as something you can use to take pictures and have them printed almost instantly. You can also buy mobile printing devices that you can use to print photos on the fly. If your child is showing interest in photography, this is definitely a good way to help them start the hobby.


Tech Toys Can Be Presents For Boys!

The popular saying “boys love their toys” isn’t exactly something new, and it’s not going to disappear any time soon. This is especially true if your young boy has a penchant for technology and gadgets. If you’ve noticed them using a tablet or their gadgets more often, it might be time to start getting them more technology gifts. Hopefully, the above list has given you a few hints as to what sorts of gifts you can buy your child that would make for a good time.

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