How to transfer files using ftp filezilla?

      Before publishing this post i was searching in net how to transfer files using filezilla i didn’t find a useful article which can tell me in deatail how to transfer files using filezilla ( as i am newbie), so i decided to make a post on it. It was quite confusing how to configure and how it works.Here i make it easy and simple for you.

I will show you with simple screenshots to make it easy for you. Lets first decide which file you want to transfer to a server. Here your server is a web host where you want to upload  the file. This mainly requires when you are moving from one host to another or you have built your website locally and now to upload it to a server. There are many programs like filezilla but, filezilla is most popular and easy.

How filezilla works ?


To download filezilla click

Filezilla is a software which uploads your files to a server using its file transfer protocol.

How to configure filezilla to transfer files?


this is what looks like after instaling

Now lets configure it with host, username and password.  Mind it you are using ftp, not sftp. Your port will be 21 and host will be  . Username and password will be your cpanel username and password. There is also one other way to configure by downloading xml configuration file from your –>file section –>ftp account     of  cpanel.

filezilla configuration file for windows marked with red circle
filezilla configuration file for windows marked with red circle

After downloading the file open it with the filezilla. Go to file click on manage file and you have to select the downloaded file. Automatically filezilla will connet the server.



Trough filezilla you can transfer files to a new server within a minute using ftp server,it is not the secured one. But no need to worry as there is very less chances of getting prone.

       Difference between a ftp and sftp server:


  1. 1.FTP is accessible anonymously, and in most cases is not encrypted; SFTP protocol is encrypted, and makes the control of traffic ineffective when using traditional proxies.
  2. FTP is a network protocol used to exchange files over a TCP/IP network; SFTP is a network protocol which allows file access, transfer, and management over a data stream.

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