How to use advanced ad plugin step by step guide

Are you searching for the best plugin to add AdSense code to your blog/site?  Your search ends here.  Advanced ads plugin is the simplest plugin for ad management made by a publisher for publishers. Thomas Maier built this advertising plugin as a powerful, but a lightweight solution to not only manage and insert banners in WordPress but to test and optimize them as well.

Now let’s directly move to getting start with advanced ad plugin–

How to Create a New Ad in Advanced ads plugin?


create adsense ads with advanced ads plugin


In WordPress, Google Adsense ads can be used directly pasting in posts or using a plugin which is a one-time setup and no more time investment.

This WordPress advertising plugin is pretty easy to use. Follow the steps.

WordPress dashboard—-> Advanced Ads—->Ads—->New Ad

1.Give it a name which best describes the ad (example: text ad 200×150 between post, responsive under title)


Now you need to set the size and position of the ad you created.

How to change size and position of the AdSense ads?


best plugin for adsense ads

1.  POSITION of the ad that alignment in left, right or at the middle. In TSO we have chosen to add in middle alignment which is mostly link ad. It is up to you and type of your content which one choose. Keep in mind ads is not messing with the contents.

2. MARGIN of the ads from the content of the post. Make your ad look good with adding some margin on top and bottom. This feature of the advanced ad is really appreciable as it becomes very easy for a WordPress beginner.

3. CONTAINER ID : Placements are automatically wrapped in a container with a random id and a class consisting of the advads- slug and the placement id, e.g. advads-post-content . You can use this information to style the ads using CSS or target them with JavaScript. (leave it blank if you do not know about coding)

4. CONTAINER CLASS: (leave it blank if you do not know about coding)

5. ENABLE DEBUG MODE Using the ad debug mode
The ad debug mode helps you (and us) to identify issues on your page that might interfere with displaying ads. The debug mode is especially useful if Display Conditions are not working as expected.


How to control the display conditions of the AdSense ads?

Adding ads is very easy with advanced ads. It has also one more good feature is you can choose where not to show your ads. It is obviously a good feature as we don’t want ads to show in about, privacy, terms and condition pages.

Best plugin for adding adsense to websites

1. NEW CONDITION: You need to choose a condition from the drop-down menu. It can be a category page, tag, specific page, author page, archive page. Choose and click on Add button.

2. SPECIFIC PAGE: If you have chosen specific pages for not showing adds, then type in the title or id of the pages. Here in TSO, we have blocked ads in about, privacy, terms and condition pages.

3. IS or IS NOT: choose whether is or is not. This option is either blocking or allowing the ads to show in pages, category, tags or whatever chosen.


How to add new placements for ads?

Ad placement is really a very important step. Your placement of ads can maximize your CTR by a factor of three.

Let’s see how to create a New placement for an AdSense ads step by step—

Advanced ad—–> Placements—–> New placement

Now you are going to set a New Placement for an Ad.

advanced ads plugin tutorial for adsense

See the above numberings and each of the options has some functions which are described below—

  1. ITEM: It is the Google AdSense ad whose placement you want to set.
  2. INJECT: It defines the before and after positions of ads considering a paragraph.
  3. PARAGRAPH NUMBER: It is the number of the paragraph where you want to show the ad.
  4. DROPDOWN: Select the paragraph number.
  5. CHECK BOX: If you want the advanced ads plugin to count from the bottom.

All is done! Now just hit the save placement button.

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How to change the AdSense ads type?

The ad type can be changed according to the content of the site. If you want link ad, responsive ad, content match ads it can be changed directly from the advanced ads plugin.

advanced ads plugin ad types

Advanced ads—>Ads—>Edit Ad—>Ad parameters—>Type

  • Normal
  • Responsive
  • Responsive(Matched Content)
  • Links ads
  • Link ads(Responsive)

Summary on Advanced Ads plugin:

Google ads on WordPress can be easily created and removed whenever you wish to do so. Remove the ads which are underperforming and add new ads with few clicks. Advanced ads is way better than other  WordPress advertising plugins out there. You can also try other alternatives like  WP QUADS, WP In Post Ads, WP PRO Advertising System, Ultimate Ads Manager etc.

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