Using Snapchat to Strengthen Your Friendships

Snapchat is a social messaging platform on which you can send pictures, videos, messages, stickers, and much more to your friends. It’s a great platform to keep in touch with family members, friends, and acquaintances. Especially since you may not be able to go outside as much due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

However, what you may not have known is that Snapchat is a great way to strengthen bonds between you and your friends, without even needing to meet up in real life! Here is what you can do to improve the levels of friendship you have with the help of Snapchat. Get your friends Snapchat usernames and start bonding.

The Levels of Friendship

According to Nardi & Sherrod, there are five stages of friendship development that we go through when we meet someone.

  1. Willingness to invest: putting time and effort into getting to know someone
  2. Emotional Closeness: sharing experiences through dialogue, and experiencing things together by doing activities
  3. Acceptance: accepting them with all their flaws and worries
  4. Support: listening to their problems, helping each other
  5. Trust: to have complete trust that you can depend on one another and being able to share secrets.

With some people you meet, you won’t even pass the emotional closeness stage, while others, especially close friends, easily reach stage five. Depending on how well you know someone, and how willing you are to invest (step 1), you can easily reach stage five when both parties are equally involved.

How it Works

Snapchat can help with this process as it’s a light-hearted platform on which you can also share more personal experiences. To show you how it works, let’s take a made-up friend, Ben, and work through the levels of friendship with him.

Willingness to invest

You met Ben when he accidentally sends you a picture of his cat, rather than to his cousin who has a similar username to yours. He apologizes, but you tell him that it’s okay and that you think his cat looks very cute. You decide you want to get to know Ben, so you send him a picture of your dog back and ask him “Do you think they would be friends?”

Emotional Closeness

You and Ben have been Snapping for a day now, but it’s been mostly pictures of your pets. You are getting curious about his life and ask him about his interests and education. He replies with a photo of a tennis racket and says that he is planning on getting into Yale. You respond excitedly that you are working towards Yale as well and send a picture of your application form.


Ben often replies late or forgets to reply at all. You pointed it out to him a few days ago, and he was very apologetic. Still, it doesn’t seem like he has made any changes to his behavior. You decide to let it go and to enjoy your conversations, Ben does seem very interested in your budding friendship, so it doesn’t bother you as much.


You haven’t been feeling well for a while now, and it’s affected your grades and hobbies. Ben asks you if there is anything he can do to help, and he sends you a series of videos of cute animals to make you feel better. You feel better knowing that you have someone that cares about you.


Ben sends you a blanc snap with the question if he can tell you something. You reply that he can trust you. He then sends you a series of videos in which he explains that he isn’t sure about what to do with his future and that he doesn’t want to tell his parents fearing that they will try to involve themselves too much with his life. You reply with a few videos of yourself reassuring him that he can always talk to you and offering advice when he needs it. He thanks you for being such a good friend.


As you can see, Snapchat is ideal for strengthening the bond between you and your friends as it combines text, video, and pictures in one. It’s as if you were communicating in real life! There is no better time to start than now.

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