How to add video audio files in WordPress without plugins?

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2017)

The beautiful thing about wp is that with the help of a plugin you can do anything on wp. This is why more than 25% of the websites are run on wp. In the recent versions of the wp and lot has changed and many functions have been included. It is very easy now to add an audio or a video file without using a plugin. This guide will show you exactly how to add an audio or video file on a wp blog.

IMPORTANT: Though this post is for knowledge about uploading audio and video files to WordPress. But we do not recommend it as it eats ups a lot of space.

Upload Video file as a media file:

Open the visual editor and click on Add Media

Choose the file from your local storage and hit upload.

Always remember to add alternate text as it tells the search engine about your media file.

To edit the file click on edit or the pencil icon.

how to add subtitles to wordpress videos without plugin

It is very to edit the video details—

  1. select a poster image-it is just like thumbnail for the video
  2. Add subtitles to the uploading a
  3. Remove video source
  4. Add an alternate source of files like ogv, webm which are supported in most of the HTML browser.
  5. Add autoplay for the viewers.
  6. Loop your video for the viewers.


Upload  video audio file as a media file:

Open the visual editor and click on Add Media

Choose the file from your local storage and hit upload.

Always remember to add alternate text as it tells the search engine about your media file.

To edit the file click on edit or the pencil icon.

audio file uploaded on wordpress

After you upload the file click on the file edit its settings.


how to add audio file in wordpress

By default, WordPress offers a lot of features to customize the audio file settings.

1.Remove the audio source from the file.

2. Change the file format, Ogg is supported in most of HTML browsers.

3. You can add autoplay of the audio when someone lands on the page.

4. Make a loop of the audio for the listeners.


How to add video audio files in WordPress sidebar using a widget?

After the recent update now WordPress 4.8 allows uploading video and audio files in the sidebar using a widget. This is pretty simple just drag and drop.

Click on widget of the on left side of the dashboard. You will see available widgets for your blog. It doesn’t matter which theme you have installed as it comes default with WordPress installation.

add audio and video file in wordpress sidebar widget

Similarly, search for the Video widget and add to the sidebar.

It is so easy now with WordPress version 4.7 or above.

audio file in WordPress widget


You can insert an audio file from URL too, as seen in the screenshot circled red. It is always advised not to host video and audio file on WordPress as eat ups too many resources. Like them from YouTube, Vimeo for video and Soundcloud for an audio file.


How to embed a video audio file on WordPress?

You can embed a video audio file from popular sources like youtube, Vimeo, Facebook or from anywhere else using a plugin and embedding codes directly in the visual editor.

Read, How to insert a YouTube video in a post without using a plugin?


Best plugins for adding, customizing  video and audio files:

If you are thinking of adding a video or audio file using a plugin check out these beautiful plugins—


Huge-IT Video Gallery

Once you activate this plugin after installation, a new video gallery menu gets created on the admin dashboard. To create a gallery, simply click the Add New Video Gallery button followed by a click on the Add Video button. In the freemium version, user is not able to configure the video gallery options. User can only select the gallery view option in freemium version. But, the premium version even enables to customize the selected view type and Lightbox settings.


With over 500,000 downloads, this highly downloaded WordPress TubePress plugin allows you to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos into your blog and create a beautiful video gallery page or sidebar widget. You can choose to display your YouTube channel, playlists or other random videos sorted by tags. The setup and configuration steps for this plugins is quite simple and straightforward. After configuring the plugin into your site, simply use the shortcode [tubepress] in your post/page and your video gallery with TubePress will be nicely displayed.

Audio Album

Audio Album plugin is written for the purpose of displaying audio playlists and albums using the built-in WordPress functionality. Audio Album extends this functionality by offering an easier way to style your media player and the appearance of your albums.
It can also be used to add single tracks. The plugin comes with easy to use shortcodes that offer plenty of options. It also provides a basic stylesheet that you can edit to customize the media player.

Simple Audio Player

Simple Audio Player is a comprehensive audio plugin for WordPress. Instead of using HTML5 as the default playback option, Simple Audio Player uses flash as the default and HTML5 as the fallback.
The plugin also provides easier options to change the color and size of the media player. Simple audio player plugin lets you enter audio playlists and tracks using a shortcode.

Compact WP Audio Player

The default WordPress audio player takes all the available width in your post area. Compact WP Audio player solves this by adding a smaller audio player that can be easily adjusted to meet your needs.
This plugin uses HTML5 playback as the default option and offers flash as the fallback. It is fully responsive and even if you select a wider player, it will adjust itself automatically to fit user’s device or screen size.

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