How to edit videos in VSDC free video editor ?

VSDC free Video editor
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Hey, folks here I have a tutorial on how to edit videos in VSDC Video Editor. I found this video editor easy to use and most importantly it is free. I use this video editor for editing videos for my facebook and youtube videos. Here are the links to download this VSDC video editor and a tutorial to edit videos with the video editor.

VSDC free video editor download

VSDC free video editor is completely free, though it has one paid version. If you want a simple video editor  VSDC is the best to start with. Here is a full length post on VSDC free video editor tutorial.

VSDC: simple video editor free download link

If you are searching for a free video converter, VSDC has a simple video converter software too

Download: VSDC free video converter link

They have an another tool: VSDC free audio converter which lets you convert any audio file.

Download: VSDC free audio converter link


What can you do with VSDC video editor?

  • 1. Video editing with multiple clips.
  • 2. Slide making from photos and videos.
  • 3. Screen recording.
  • 4. Video Capture.


How to start a project in VSDC free video editor?

vsdc video editor

Name the project and in addition, you can add author, publisher, copyright information. Adjust the Resolution, opacity, background, frame rate you want for your video.


How to import a video for editing?

import a video in vsdc

On the left-hand side of the toolbar, you can see a film icon. Click on it to select a video for editing.

How to change the volume of video or audio file?

To change the volume of a video file, you need to split audio from the video. Choose the audio file clicking on it and next on the left-side click audio volume. You can either increase or decrease the volume.

How to split audio from a video?

vsdc free video editor tutorial


To split audio from a video file, choose the video file clicking on it and then on right-hand side of toolbar click on ”split to video and audio”. This option helps you to remove audio from a video just by cutting the audio file later on.

How to cut section of a video?

vsdc video editor1

Choose the video clicking on it and on the right-hand side of editing the toolbar click ”cutting and splitting”. When you do so the selected video will be split out. Now, just play and cut out the desired portion. Don’t forget to hit the apply changes button. otherwise, no changes will appear.

How to change the background of a video?

There are two ways to remove background in VSDC free video editor

  1. By  chromakey color
  2. By  chromakey mask

What is chromakey?

Read this short excerpt from wiki:

Chroma key compositing, or chroma keying, is a visual effects/post-production technique for compositing (layering) two images or video streams together based on color hues (chroma range). The technique has been used heavily in many fields to remove a background from the subject of a photo or video – particularly the newscasting, motion picture and videogame industries. A color range in the foreground footage is made transparent, allowing separately filmed background footage or a static image to be inserted into the scene. The chroma keying technique is commonly used in video production and post-production. This technique is also referred to as color keying, colour-separation overlay (CSO), primarily by the BBC, or by various terms for specific color-related variants such as green screen, and blue screen – chroma keying can be done with backgrounds of any color that is uniform and distinct, but green and blue backgrounds are more commonly used because they differ most distinctly in hue from most human skin colors. No part of the subject being filmed or photographed may duplicate the color used as the backing.

Remove background using VSDC free video editor chromakey color:

Before removing the background, keep in mind you need one green/ blue/black(whichever you refer)  screen video clip and the background which can be a video clip or a still image.

Remove background using VSDC free video editor

I am taking one of my videos as background.

Remove background using VSDC free video editor1

I have downloaded a green screen clip to show you how to do it. You can make your own green screen video and edit the background.

Remove background using VSDC free video editor

keep in mind to adjust Min brightness threshold:150, Min chromacityU threshold:120, Min chromacityV threshold:125 (it worked for me, it may not work for you).

If you want to see a sample work on VSDC chromakey color background remover check this link, though I have uploaded in gif format.

How to export out a completed video?

export project in vsdc free video editor

To export out a completed video, click on ”export project” which is on the top toolbar. In pro version, you can choose the desired file type like flv,mp4,wmv, mpg. But in the free version of VSDC video editor, you can’t choose and continue without premium features.

How to add photos and audio clip in a video?

It is very easy to edit a video in VSDC free video editor as I have told you earlier. VSDC probably be the simplest video editor available for free download. To import a video or image file click on the left-hand side of the VSDC video editor.

How to insert a text in a video?

how to add text in vsdc free video editor

To insert a text in a video click on the capital [ T ] icon on the left-hand side of VSDC video editor.


How to make a slideshow with VSDC free video editor?

To make a slideshow with VSDC free video editor, open the VSDC free video editor. Click on create slideshow and choose a file sequence wizard.

vsdc free video editor slideshow

Drag and drop media files one by one.


How to screen record with VSDC free video editor?

vsdc free screen recorder

On the first screen itself when you open VSDC free video editor you will see the option to screen record.

What are the customizations you can do with VSDC free screen recorder?

  1. Hotkeys: enable you to make shortcuts.
  2. FPS: You can change the frame rate per second.
  3. Change destination path: where you want to store your videos.
  4. Audio input and audio input level.
  5. Audio capture devices.


How to capture video with VSDC free video editor?

vsdc free video capture

what are the customizations you can do with VSDC free video capture?

  1. Change the frame rate.
  2. Change destination path: where you want to save the videos.
  3. Add Video, audio capture devices.
  4. change Audio input and audio input level.


Advanced features in the pro version of VSDC:

  1. Full multimedia editing suite.
  2. Advanced settings for editing.
  3. Hardware acceleration.
  4. Sub-pixel resolution.
  5. Audio waveform.
  6. Advanced masking tool.
  7. Advanced chroma key
  8. Advanced technical support.


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