20 Free Word Games for Adults: iOS and Android

The best way to pass time is to play a game on your mobile phone. Word games are the best way to have some fun at the same time improving your English vocabulary. I have sorted some of the best Word Games for Adults. These are quite useful as well for school children.

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Word Connect

Word Connect adult word game

Word Connect is one of the best Word Games for Adults. Word Connect is an exciting puzzle game for TRUE WORD geniuses! Concentrate to find all hidden words in given letters and connect them anyway you like to catch the word! It starts off as an easy word game and becomes challenging! You will have fun improving your vocabulary and spelling skills. Your brain will thank you for the workout!

The game is powered by Oxford Dictionaries. Simple, easy, and addictive gameplay! 3,204 levels with tons of words await you! Login every day for an exciting daily challenge and a wonderful daily bonus! Want to check previous levels? Go back to the Level List and play again! Up to 11 delicate themes for you to choose from!

Word Cross

Word Cross Word Games for Adults

Word Cross is a creative Word Games for Adults which can inspire your passion for brain challenges. It includes all the essences of word scramble games to make you feel totally ADDICTIVE & ENTERTAINING.

Swipe the letters to line up words to fill up the blanks horizontally and vertically on the board. Tap the “Shuffle” button to change the order of letters.

Over 2,000 Exciting Challenges: It starts easy and becomes challenging fast. And you can test your limits of the words you know. More levels are on the go.




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Wordscapes adult word game

Can you solve all the crossword puzzles? Even with unlimited tries, it’s a challenge!

This text twist of a word game is tremendous brain challenging fun. Enjoy modern word puzzles with the best of word searching, anagrams, and crosswords!

You’ll never experience a dull moment after you try this addicting word puzzle game! Play this crossword puzzle once and just you won’t be able to put it down. This Word Games for Adults has over 3,700 crossword puzzles.



Word Cookies

word cookies adult word game

One of the best Word Games for Adults with a lot of challenges.

Ready to unscramble a limitless list of words on the go? Dive into the World’s Best Word Puzzle Game, Word Cookies to unravel your “wordie” lists!

Simply swipe to connect each alphabet on the baking pan to form a word. Fill up Jack’s cookie jar with additional answers to earn extra coins!



Word Connect – Word Cookies: Word Search

Word Connect - Word Cookies Word Search

The Word Connect games are loved by Millions of users worldwide! Word Search games have never been so challenging. Except for the classic word search game, New Word Connect Game is also available NOW. Two game modes are ready for WORD GENIUSES.

Slide & drag your finger over the words to solve puzzles. The game gets trickier as you progress. The game’s brain teasers test your vocabulary, lateral thinking & puzzle solving skills. Daily Gifts and Hundreds of Puzzles. Because of its popularity, It has counted on our Word Games for Adults list.

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Word Crossy- A crossword game

Word Crossy adult word cross game

Word Crossy combines word search and crossword-style games. Connecting letters, you get a complete word and fill it into a crossword blank. This is only the first step! If you want to win, you still need to find all the words hidden in the crossword. Challenge yourself and train your brain. Word Games for Adults.

Easy to play and amusing, Connecting words to build a complete word. More than 300 levels and multiple words to search for.

Connect the letters on the wheel to get a correct word. Find all the words and fill in the crossword blanks.



Words With Friends 2- Word Game

Words With Friends 2 word game for adults

One of the MOST POPULAR MOBILE WORD GAME is better and more clever than ever with all-new game modes built for the word player in all of us. Beautifully and intelligently redesigned, Words With Friends 2 is teeming with more ways to challenge your friends and your brain than ever before.

Play against fictional characters in NEW Solo Challenge events, updated with new themes and opponents twice a month. Jump in for a fast-paced team match to test your rapid word building skills in the NEW Lightning Round of a Word Games for Adults.

Dictionary ever includes 50,000 new words, inspired by our players and pop culture. The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency. In-app purchases range from $0.99 to $99.99 USD.


CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles

CodyCross adult cross word game

CodyCross, a friendly alien that has crash-landed on Earth and counts on your help to learn about our planet! This Word Games for Adults has story where Travel across space and time as you unveil our planet’s history and humanity’s accomplishments through themed puzzles in this challenging word game.

Solve crosswords and explore beautiful sceneries, use your knowledge and skills in a one-of-a-kind word game, where every correct answer takes you closer to completing the puzzle and revealing the secret word!

Explore beautifully designed worlds with hundreds of levels to play the best crosswords. Each world brings new themes and genres that will challenge the wisest of puzzle lovers.



Word Search

Word Search adult word game

One of the simplest yet entertaining Word Games for Adults.

In this Word Search game for free, you will play from easy 5 x 5 games up to bigger challenges as you advance! Original help system for improved gameplay.  While you search for a word, the game will help you find the rest of them. 10 Achievements from Google Play Games.


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SCRABBLE word game for adults

Get a game of SCRABBLE going with just about anyone – or play solo against the computer! Plus, now you can play SCRABBLE in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, or Brazilian Portuguese.

Challenge friends via Facebook, Find an instant opponent with a single touch, Play solo against the computer to improve your skills, Get numerous games going at once – more than any word game on the App Store.

This Word Games for Adults is developed by established esport company EA sports.



Crossword Puzzle Free

Crossword Puzzle Free word game for adults

Join thousands of players who exercise their brains every day with the best crossword game for Android. Crossword Puzzle Redstone is a fun and engaging game app – it is free to download, and all users get access to free puzzles, no subscription required!

Smart Look Up: get word suggestions when you have trouble with difficult clues. Hints: reveal letters, words or the entire puzzle in case you get stuck. Smart Step: skip filled cells when navigating through the puzzle. Show Errors: highlight the wrong letters. Clear Errors: easily remove all incorrect letters. Offline Mode: puzzles available even when you don’t have an Internet connection. Polished User Interface: an easy and modern way to navigate through the puzzle cells and clues. Word Games for Adults.



Word Champ – Free Word Games & Word Puzzle Games

Word Champ word game for adults

1200+ Challenging free word puzzles and free word games. This Word Games for Adults
is easy to play, Connect letters just by swiping and find words to solve fun best word games. Find the hidden word puzzles to earn more coins and solve special word puzzles to earn more rewards. Every word game solved is a rewarding experience and enjoy the addictive free word puzzle game. Starts easy and with every word game solved your brain will start having the real workout and tests your vocabulary.

Simple Modern UI, easy, and fun word game! Free word game app and play OFFLINE or ONLINE – anywhere, anytime, any place. Daily Bonus Coins & Surprise Gifts. Free 200 coins to start your word puzzle game.


Word Nut: Word Puzzle Games & Crosswords

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Word Nut Word Puzzle Games Crosswords

Word Nut has exciting word games Free, Word Nerds! Word Nut starts as an easy word game and gets harder as you level up! Connect letters in any direction to form the hidden word matches! Find as many words as possible to level up and earn bonus rewards! Fill in every word in the crossword! Earn bonus coins when you discover hidden words! Can’t figure out the word jumble? Use coins to get a special hint and win the levels of this Word Games for Adults.

Daily bonus coins for free hints! Daily Challenge gives you more free word games, more free bonus coins and more FUN EVERY DAY! Over 1000+ Levels to play word games free! Free 500 coins at the first-word game login.



Bible Word Puzzle

bible word puzzle word game for adults

Bible Crossword emphasizes on finding Bible words in crumbled letters – a free crossword puzzles game which helps you learn Bible words with friends. Want to be the Bible Words Master with tons of fun? Let’s find crossword friends in easy spelling games. It is all free!

Featuring Biblical words, Play games without wifi, More bonus with every extra word found. Best Word Games for Adults for those who have read the bible.


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Word Mocha

word mocha word game for adults

If you love Coffee and Puzzle Word Games then this anagram game is a must try! Super smooth word puzzles and tremendous brain challenging fun! Get your word addict caffeine boost from solving these fun word puzzles.

With this Word Games for Adults find your favorite coffee shot. Over 1,800 bold and robust word jumble puzzles to solve!
These word scramble puzzles start easy and become challenging quickly – how far will you get before being stumped?

Word Mocha is the latest word unscramble game from the makers of the popular word find games Word Chums, Spell Blitz, Wordscapes, Word Vistas and MixTwo.



Word Weekend – Connect Letters Game

word weekend word game for adults

Word Weekend — a simple and exciting word puzzle game where you can get a lot of fun of building words. DOWNLOAD Word Weekend to become the word genius for FREE. With this game you can easily improve your vocabulary, concentration and spelling skills.

The rules are very simple! You get a word with letters mixed (an ANAGRAM). For example “IFT”. You need to connect letters and make every word of those letters. — “FIT”, “IT”, “IF”.

Free, EASY and FUN play, Challenging with more than 1, 500 levels one of the best Word Games for Adults.

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Classic Words SoloClassic Words Solo word game for adults

Enrich your vocabulary thanks to the built-in word definitions! 6 difficulty levels and many languages are supported: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch and Polish.

Try out Classic Words Solo for instant fun, no matter if you are a beginner in crossword games or a Scrabble tournament player! This game is a great time killer for all fans of board games and strategy games. It is also an educational game that will allow kids (and adults) to improve their spelling and vocabulary

6 levels of difficulty, Display the definition of words by swiping them, Quit and resume game whenever you want, Shake to shuffle, Languages and dictionaries supported.


Word Snack – Your Picnic with Words

Word Snack word game for adults

Do you like fun and exciting word games? DOWNLOAD Word Snack now and enjoy countless word puzzles for FREE! Word Games for Adults for food lovers.

In this very fun word game your goal is to discover all hidden words.
Just swipe the letters to form words and complete the puzzles!

Simple and Addictive! Hundreds of unique levels with tons of different words! Improve your vocabulary while having fun!

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Word Park – Fun with Words

Word Park-word game for adults

Are you searching for word games for adults? DOWNLOAD “Word Park” now and enjoy countless word puzzles for FREE! Your goal in this fun and exciting word game is to discover all the hidden words. Just slide your finger across the letters to form the words and complete the puzzles! Enjoy hours of fun gameplay and improve your brain and spelling skills!

Simple and Addictive. Hundreds of unique levels with tons of different words. Improve your vocabulary while having fun!


Garden of Words – Word game

Garden of Words - Word game for adults

This word game is Easy to play, educational and addictive. Play every day and improve your spelling. Memorize new words and expand your vocabulary. Simple and accessible: slide your finger on the letters to make a word. Original and fun: the crossword puzzle gives you hints about the words you can find.

Enjoy the different and colorful garden backgrounds! The calm and cozy atmosphere will help you concentrate when looking for words.

Over 700 puzzles in 8 languages, with regular updates each week! Thousands of hidden words to unlock thanks to our comprehensive dictionaries! Win coins with each bonus word you find. Garden of Words is one of the fun to learn word games for adults.



These Word Games for Adults are thee amazing games. Don’t waste your time by playing just useless games. Install a word game on your mobile phone and start learning new words each day while playing the game.

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