WordPress.com vs WordPress.org | Which one is better?

Though the both WordPress.com and WordPress.org are same CMS. But,  there are lots of difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org. WordPress.com and WordPress.org are different from each other on the background of functionalities, customization freedom and price. 

Both platforms come with a dashboard to customize your site and do everything that you need to create contents for your blog. 

WordPress.org is an open source platform, the sole purpose is to provide WordPress CMS free to all. You only get the CMS, not the server that requires to store the website files. That means to publish a website using WordPress CMS you need a separate hosting service where you can install the WordPress CMS and start blogging.

Whereas, wordpress.com provides both the CMS and the Server. On WordPress.com you do not need a separate hosting account to run the website. WordPress.com has both free and paid plans. The free plan includes a WordPress subdomain and web hosting and the paid plan includes a custom domain and web hosting. 

If you think of using a premium theme or plugin, both wordpress.org and wordpress.com will cost you.

Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

Let’s see some more  WordPress.com vs WordPress.org differences



 It is a Content Management Software(CMS) like Joomla, Weebly, Wix.  It is a blogging platform like Blogspot, Weebly.
 Needs a hosting server to store the website files(known as self-hosted WordPress)  Free hosting by WordPress.com with a subdomain
 Installation of WordPress software required  WordPress is preinstalled
 More functionality than WordPress.com  Less functionality than WordPress.org
Premium themes and plugins available for installation. Premium themes and plugins available for installation.

My wordpress.com blog is- http://techsearchonline.wordpress.com and my WordPress.org(self-hosted WordPress) blog is- https://techsearchonline.com

And if I think of pointing the subdomain to a custom domain like techsearchonline.com, I need to pay for this. As I am using WordPress.org(Self-hosted WordPress), I don’t have to pay.

It is very easy to host your own WordPress. Most of the web hosting services nowadays come with Cpanel. Using Cpanel WordPress can be installed with just one click.

This comparison of WordPress.com vs  WordPress.org is just a surface level comparison. If I wish, All differences I can just keep digging in and write a book on it.

WordPress.org login

For a self-hosted WordPress blog, Dashboard can be found here-


/wp-admin/ is the place where you need to login to your blog.

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WordPress.com login

As WordPress.com takes care of the hosting, you can directly go to wordpress.com and login to the dashboard. If you have multiple blogs, the same account will have options to negative to the other blogs.

Bluehost vs WordPress

Bluehost.com is one of the topmost web hosting company. Bluehost lets to host websites with some minimal fee. WordPress.com is free to host a website with a subdomain, for example ”mysite.wordpress.com”. A custom domain can be used instead of the subdomain. For that, you have to pay a charge monthly.

You can either buy a shared hosting plan and install WordPress or buy a customized WordPress hosting plan from Bluehost.

Blogspot vs WordPress

Blogspot is similar to WordPress, a blogging platform. Blogspot is provided by Google for free of cost as a blogging platform. Similar to WordPress.com, Blogspot does not require a separate hosting service, it has similar easy drag and drops layouts.

But, Blogspot has many limitations. It is also difficult to manage. Having some coding knowledge may help you a lot to do with Blogspot. Whereas in WordPress plugins make it easy.



What is the latest WordPress version?

WordPress 1.0 was released on January 3, 2004. From then several security updates are released and the current version is  WordPress 4.9.7 released on July 5, 2018.

What is the cost of wordpress.org?

The cost of custom doamin + cost of web hosting + cost of themes and plugin(optional)

There are free domain and web hsoting available. But, they have limitations.

Which one best for blogging?

Without any doubt, wordpress.org (self-hosted) is best than any other blogging platform. If you are new to blogging or new to WordPress CMS, you should probably try with wordpress.com for few days and later move to wordpress.org(self-hosted).

If you have already created a great blog with wordpress.com and do not want to migrate, you have to pay $13/mo for a custom domain. That is why I always suggest my readers not to stick with wordpress.com

And some plugins which you can use in wordpress.org, you can not use in wordpress.com because of its limitation.

In self-hosted WordPress, you have the permission to edit your theme CSS, which is not available in wordpress.com


What you require for a self hosted WordPress(WordPress.Org)?

1.First, you have to (a custom domain looks professional).

2. Buy a good web hosting from a reputed company, Hostgator or Bluehost. You can start with a shared hosting plan at a low price.

3. Install WordPress in Cpanel. Most of the hosting providers have Cpanel in the shared hosting plan.

4. Point your new domain to new NameServer. You can do it in domain provider account—> Edit domain/edit NS

All is done! now you can start your blog.

Here is the list of Best free WordPress hosting Providers, if you think of using one of them.



WordPress is one of the most popular CMS among bloggers. With WordPress you can build any kind of website: e-commerce site, blog, business site, social networking site anything you want. Plugins have made all the coding and management stuff easy. In coming years more than 40 percent of the websites will be run by  WordPress.

Start with WordPress.com as it is free and easy. After you get used to it, move to self-hosted WordPress which will eventually be much easier for you. Check this HostGator India review

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