What to do when your YouTube account suspended as an error?

YouTube account got suspended

There are many reasons why a YouTube account gets suspended.

  1. more than three copyright strikes.
  2. community guidelines violation
  3. sometimes YouTube account also get suspended due to error from YouTube side.

In case you feel like your contents were genuine and your own content and think it is an error from YouTube. Then, You can request Google to review Your YouTube account using following —

Unable to access a google product form.

How many days does it take to get a reply from google?

It depends on the priority of answering the query. If your channel is big has a large number of subscribers, YouTube pays more attention to you than any other small YouTubers.

It is because a big YouTuber has more subscribers, more fan base and more views. YouTube earns a large sunk of money from that YouTuber.

But, YouTube policy is same for all. If you do mistake being a big YouTuber your punishment will be same as a small YouTuber let’s say, a channel with 1000 subscribers.

So, a big YouTuber with 1,00,000 subscribers man get a reply within a day whereas a small YouTuber may get a reply after a week or after a month.

Tips while filling the YouTube account suspension form:

1.Keep in mind to give details about your YouTube channel with channel URL.

2. Read YouTube’s Community Guidelines and copyright policies before submitting your appeal.

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