All You Need to Know about YouTuber MrBeast

A YouTuber whose videos get millions of videos just after uploading. He is the beast of YouTube video thumbnail maker. He publicly said that he spends 3x times on video thumbnails that the video itself!

Though his touching millions mark, it was not the same three years back. He used to get only a few thousands of views. He also said that we use to shoot his videos on his mobile phone before hitting 100k subs! That is inspirational for new YouTube video Creators.

I was quite unaware of YouTube snowball effect. After going through MrBeast’s old videos now I have understood wtf is YouTube snowball effect.

Who is MrBeast?

A 20 years old boy from Greenville, North Carolina. He has been making YouTube videos for more than five years and now he has whopping 18 million subs on his channel. He is also known for one of the most generous YouTube when comes to donating money to the random individuals.

His actual name is Jimmy Donaldson. He did schooling from Greenville Christian School. In an interview video with Casey Neistat, he did reveal that he was a patient of Chron’s Disease. Because of the disease, he is not that active in actual life as he uses to be in his videos.

He has not revealed anything about his relationship.


MrBeast’s Monthly YouTube Earnings

To estimate his monthly earnings we are using an online tool called Socialblade which keeps track of no of subscriber gains/loss, estimated money made past 30 days/year, etc. This analytic tool also keeps the record of followers on different accounts for platforms like Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, DailyMotion.

According to SocialBlade MrBeast made an estimated of $41.3K – $661K in the last 30 days. Though SocialBlade is not accurate in predicting the exact earning. But, we can infer that we this is pretty close to the money he might have made from YouTube ad revenue.

Do not forget that Jimmy’s(aka MrBeast) channel is huge which means he gets paid a hefty amount in sponsorships and brand deals.

He has also started this own march shop for his followers. From all these sources, I am pretty sure that he is killing it. He can assume his monthly total earnings will be roughly half a million.

MrBeast’s Annual YouTube Earnings

Again using the same tool that is SocialBlade and information from other sources like interviews and news website, I came to know that he spent about two million dollars last year in video production. He might be earning a couple of millions which enabled him to invest two million dollars on video productions.

Now, Coming to MrBeast’s annual income. We can estimate six to eight million dollars. According to SocialBlade, it is estimated between $495.7K – $7.9M.


MrBeast Net Worth

His net worth is growing as his channel is growing exponentially. It will be difficult to tell his net worth as he is now in his peak of growth.

Each month half a million dollar is being added to his pocket. He is still living with his parents. A 20 years old boy who started shooting videos on his iPhone and now a millionaire.

There is no information about any land or house bought by him. He has enough money to buy a mansion for him. Probably he is saving for that.


Cars owned by MrBeast

It is practically impossible to tell all the cars owned by him unless a neighbor tells me or I happen to one of his family members.

MrBeast has a team and they hire cars for shooting different videos. Some of the cars you see destroyed by him in his YouTube channel probably bought from car reseller agencies.

mr. beast cars

After searching various sources it is confirmed that he has one BMW, one Lamborghini Aventador(not confirmed).


MrBeast and Viral Videos

MrBeast and Videos are like just friends. His every video cross more than three million within 24 hours. He is very creative in making attractive thumbnails for his videos. If you see his video thumbnail, I am hundred percent sure you will stop scrolling and end up clicking his thumbnail.

His top Viral Videos are:

Can 20,000 Magnets Catch A Bullet Mid Air? -this video has got more than 59 million views and counting. This is his most viewed video.


MrBeast and Philanthropy

He is also Know for his Philanthropy works. He has donated numerous times to Twitch Streamers, YouTubers, Restaurant Workers.

This video by MrBesat Giving A Random Homeless Man $10,000 is worth to watch.

MrBeast vs Pewdiepie

MrBeast and Pewdiepie both are friends. MrBeast helped a ton of times Pewdiepie to gain more subscribers by promoting Pewdiepie in SUPERBOWL, on his YouTube channel.

He has gone one step further by buying Billboards to urge viewers to subscribe Pewdiepie. MrBeast has also shot a video where he said the word “Pewdiepie” 100,000 times continuously.

In return, Pewdiepie made a video where he thanked MrBeast for all his efforts.


How to get one million subs on YouTube?

Getting millions of subs is not easy. Only those who dedicate their time and produces content on a regular basis see this kind of success.

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